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Top 3 campus make-up trends in 2021

After months in our pyjamas, thanks to the lockdowns, we are all ready to turn some looks on campus this year. We all cannot wait to get back to our usual lectures and student union events across Dublin and Cork’s amazing universities. So, whilst we wait, now is the time to start planning our return to being seen in public again. 

Check out our top 3 campus make-up trends to look out for in 2021:

Natural student dew

This sounds like the easiest but actually requires some make-up skills. In 2021 we will be embracing our natural features and combining them with bold colours. Firstly, introduce skincare to your routine. Not only will it be a lifesaver after a night at the student bar, but it can also look super grammable on your desk or en suite shelf. To achieve the look try experimenting with your natural skin-tone shades and adding a pop of colour on the lip or eye. 

Luckily, we have all been sporting a make-up look for months so try seeing this as a slight amendment to that.

A lecture in glitter use

So many makeup brands are launching glitter ranges recently and it’s perfect timing. For the student that wants to make a statement on campus this year, try reversing your usual glitter application to go under the eye. Inspired by the increasing rise in drag culture influencing pop culture, we predict glitter lids will become part of your daily routine soon enough. The best thing about this trend – the glitter can hide any size of eye bags. So, that all-night binge of The Office, on Netflix, doesn’t need to be mentioned.

Make sure to use responsibly sourced bio-glitter – better for your skin and for nature!

Say yes to nostalgia 

Did you know Trinity College Dublin was established in 1592? Maybe we don’t need to throw our makeup back that far, but this trend is all about the throwback! Fringe, tie-dye and big shoulders are back for 2021 fashion and speaking to the iconic looks of the 1920s, ’60s and ’80s respectively. This gives you so much scope to try; rock a Cupid’s Bow lip, Twiggy style eye-liner across just one half of the crease or go neon with an 80’s inspired eye. All guaranteed to wow your study buddies when you hit the college campus library.

As if by coincidence, you can snatch up all of the make-up products you’ll need to keep you on-trend in 2021 when you book with us! Book your room for 2021 – 2022 and enjoy a free 6-month subscription to Glossy Box cosmetics.