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Life, Love and London. Needed for a fantastic summer, some say these three things are the modern trivium, which was something people used to study to get a grip on the world in the medieval period, when the beards were long and glorious.

We’re not here to talk about beards though. We’re here to talk about some less serious business. We’re here to show you some cool things you can do if you’re staying in accomodation in London this summer.

Fun and Things to Do

As a student living in London, you’re never ever short of activities. They come at you like excited ninja stars from all angles; events in the different boroughs, the different zones, and the different communities.

We’ve sat around our laptops, researched the topic, and now we’re going to show you the best adventures you can go on in London this summer.

See Outdoor Cinema

In the whirlwind of activity over the summer months the capital transforms into a kind of open air arcade, with activities all around the city. You can get involved with the many open air cinemas that burst onto the scene, and many of them are as cheap as chips, or as free as fresh air.

There are many outdoor cinemas to choose from, you can go for the open air, the cinema in a hot-tub, or even the floating cinema, watching classic films while navigating the waterways of the capital.

Pomp up for the Proms

From the 18th of July to the 19th of September the BBC Proms come to the Royal Albert Hall to put on some classically classic sounds for the summer.

While the season tickets are quite pricey, students can get concession tickets for many of the individual events. And the free Prom this year looks pretty cool too. The guys at the Beeb say it’s “a Bank Holiday matinee bursting with dance rhythms and colour – the perfect chance to experience the Proms for the first time.”

Play some Ping Pong

“Like table tennis, but more fun.” That’s what the English Ping Pong Association (who knew?) are calling the light-hearted sport that is taking over the capital.

It seems like ever since Boris Johnson reminded us of Wiff Waff, many areas have tables out in the open, by cafes, or in an open park so you can gather bunch of your best friends around and relax for the day. You might even take a picnic with you and make it a full dayer.

Rock up to RideLondon

Cycle crazy aficionados and enthusiasts can unchain their bicycle based inhibitions this summer as London opens up its roads for one of the biggest cycling events in the world.

A weekend-long celebration of all things two-wheeled, with cycling shows and more, the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle takes place on the 9th of August and gives you the chance to freely cycle around a 10 mile traffic free route in central London.

Crank up the Carnival

Europe’s biggest street festival is taking place Saturday August 24th to Monday the 26th. Notting Hill Carnival is one of London’s proudest multicultural achievements. It’s big, adventurous and just a little bit crazy. In short, everything we love about the capital city itself.

Love London, Love Student Life, Love London Student Housing

Whatever you decide to do this summer, have fun. If you want to tell us how you spent your time, or would like to get in touch with us about living in student accommodation in London, you can drop us a line at any time.