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The foodie's (quick) guide to Cork

Ireland’s ‘rebel city’ has plenty of options when it comes to food and drink, so if you’re into trying new culinary delights, Cork is the perfect place to call home.

In the south of Ireland, the city has access to a wide range of fresh seafood, and the surrounding countryside produces some of the country’s best dairy products.

When it comes to eating out, expect the usual chain restaurants, along with a selection of independent eateries with mouth-watering menus. If you want to try some authentic Irish fish, head to Electric fish bar, or for a cheaper eat, try the Franciscan Well Brewery, where you can enjoy offers on pizza from Monday to Sunday.

Cork’s nightlife captures the atmosphere of Dublin, but on a smaller scale. Expect an intimate twist on the upbeat atmosphere of the capital, with plenty of pubs and bars for you to experience. If you enjoy your sport, the Larry Tompkins pub will be right up your street, with the Gaelic football drawing in big crowds. For a cheaper night, head to the Bailey, where you’ll find cheap drinks and an inviting atmosphere.