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The 5 Most Inclusive Sites for Excellent Internships

Finding an internship can feel a little isolating

It’s like you’re on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, and you can see all the big ships you want to join. But there’s no way to reach them from the island, because the water is too choppy.

Don’t worry. We’ve built a life raft out of weblinks – these links will show you the best places to find and reach your internships and your future. Come aboard:

1. Milkround

A top resource for placements, internships and graduate jobs. The site also produces content for graduate jobseekers – everything from making your CV to rocking your interview.

At the moment, 100 internships show up on the site, and new ones come and go all the time.

2. E4S

Traditionally the summer is good for heat, holidays and happiness. But why not trade that for a summer internship?

Okay. Probably not the most appealing message. But you’ve got a lifetime of summers to look forward to. Find that one summer internship with E4S and the hard work could lead you to a job that gives you twice the holidays and happiness. Heat optional.

3. TARGET jobs

Super easy to use, this site lists work experience opportunities by sector. If you don’t see what you want, you can sign up for email reminders — so if anything does pop up you’ll get a notification. And there’s a bunch of additional content to help you make your applications top notch.

4. Prospects

You’re probably familiar with Prospects, because they have a strong presence on the college and university campuses around the country. But have you had a look on the site yet?

It’s one of the most reputable for advice, and it’s a great place to look for experience and internships of all lengths – two weeks in the summer, a placement over the whole year, or longer.

5) RateMyPlacement

This isn’t a place to find new opportunities. But it is chock-a-block with career advice specifically for this part of your journey. Tips for hunting down the position, interviews, and career success, giving you more confidence when you apply.

Sail Away

We threw out the life raft. You grabbed it, seized it, and clasped it with your hands. You joined us along the surface of the water and you saw those ships in the distance weren’t quite so far as they had seemed.

All that’s left is for you to apply to get onboard, sailor, and we’ll leave that part in your very capable hands.

And when you get back we’ll be here waiting. With more fun content on our blog.