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Yu Travel Renewal Competition 2022/2023

United States of America

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Campaign Validity.  This promotion and competition is valid from the November 9th 2022 until January 15th 2023.
  2. Lease Renewal Period. To be eligible to enter the draw to win the trip the lease renewal must be at confirmed status and advanced room fee paid on or before the January 15th 2023.
  3. Raffle Entry.  Students who renew for a full academic year (from August 2023 to July 2024) at Yugo with a confirmed lease renewal before January 15th 2023, will enter a draw to win a trip for two to our Yugo residences in the United States of America.
  4. Lease Renewal.  The promotions and competition entry is only valid for full academic year lease renewals. Semester and short terms stays are not eligible for competition entry.  
  5. Cancellation.  Lease renewals cancelled are not eligible to win the trip. If the winner should cancel the room, another winner will be selected by Yugo.
  6. Travel Dates. The trip must take place before July 31st 2023.
  7. Prize.  The prize includes flight vouchers for the winner & one (1) companion, and accommodation for up to 3 nights in one of our Yugo residences in the United States of America.
  8. Number of Winners.  There will be only one (1) winner per residence.
  9. Trip Max Occupancy.  The trip is for a maximum of two (2) persons.
  10. Trip Inclusions.  The trip inclusions are broken down as follows:
    1. Flights: the winner will receive a voucher worth $500.00. The voucher will be issued by Yugo via a 3rd party vendor.  The winner must abide by all terms and conditions related to the voucher imposed by the 3rd party vendor.
    2. Yugo is not responsible for booking flights.
    3. The length of stay at our Yugo residences in the United States of America will be maximum 3 nights.  Winner and guest will be required to follow all rules and regulations of the Yugo residence community that they are visiting.
    4. The choice of destination is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.
    5. If the preferred destination is not available, Yugo, will provide alternative destination options within the United States of America.
    6. The accommodation must be booked with the marketing department of Yugo. Contact will be facilitated by residence manager.
    7. Accommodation is subject to availability.
    8. Yugo will not be providing travel insurance for the trip.
    9. The winner must be able to travel unaccompanied by Yugo to the destination.
    10. Yugo will only provide flight voucher and accommodation at the destination.
  11. Selection of Winner.  The winner will be selected at random from eligible entries by the Yugo residence team.
  12. Announcement of Winner.  The winner will be announced on or before the last week of January 2023 and a member of Yugo team will contact the winner by email or telephone. A maximum of 3 contact attempts will be made during the 3 days following the date of the draw. If no response is received, the next alternate winner will be contacted and the first winner will be excluded.
  13. Limitation of Liability.  Yugo expressly limits its liability to the provision of the travel voucher and adequate accommodate at a Yugo residence in the United States of America.  Yugo expressly disclaims any liability for any other aspect of the travel including but not limited to: ground transportation, meals, and entertainment. 
  14. Good Standing.  To be eligible current payments terms of existing Lease must be up to date and in order.

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