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5 Companies in Edinburgh that Hire Student Interns

Finding an internship can be hard and most students often find themselves asking why they even need to do them instead of spending their holidays relaxing. 

The answer is simple, when it comes to life after graduation and you’re hunting for a job, companies will often show a preference for candidates with experience when it comes to hiring. 

Occasionally, some students find themselves leaving their internship with a job offer as well as industry experience. 

This list is by no means comprehensive but it should provide insight as to which companies offer student summer jobs in Edinburgh.


Natwest is offering a Finance internship based in Edinburgh which takes place over 8 weeks. 

The entry requirements are fairly standard and direct the course towards students in the penultimate year of their students who are on track to achieve a 2:1 in their degree. 

Completion of the program also allows students the opportunity to be offered a place on Natwest’s Finance Graduate Programme, which essentially equates to a path to working full-time for Natwest after graduation.


Next up on our list of Edinburgh intern jobs is the Actuarial Summer Internship at Lloyds which lasts 10-12 weeks. The entry requirements for this program are more forgiving than the Natwest program, only requiring a predicted 2:2 grade from their applicants. 

This opportunity is great for any students looking to gain experience in the financial space before graduation.


One of the best student summer jobs in Edinburgh for the more technologically minded, is the AMD internship. 

Offering a 3-6 month long internship program leaning towards a design engineering role. AMD is a large company that operates in many different technology spaces such as gaming, wireless, immersive platforms, and data centres.


For those students studying engineering, the Arup fire engineering internship in Edinburgh might be of interest. 

Whilst the company operates nationally and has a wide range of internships available, its fire engineering program is one of the few Edinburgh intern jobs for engineers with a high-profile company. 

With a baseline entry requirement of a predicted 2:2 in almost all engineering disciplines, this internship is a surefire way to gain relevant experience for most engineering professions. . 


PwC is offering a very exciting opportunity to join their team for the summer as an Audit Intern. Whilst this is a highly competitive internship to apply for, the rewards in terms of experience and industry contacts are invaluable. 

The programme allows students to collaborate with graduate trainees and experienced professionals on their real projects. This is a great way to experience how one of the market-leading firms for auditing operates.

This list is just a sample of the industry-leading student summer jobs in Edinburgh, and by no means extensive. Plenty of Edinburgh intern jobs will be posted while you’re studying and living in Scotland’s capital, so keep an eye out. Fortune favours the brave!