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Student guide to exploring Darmstadt

Peep at Darmstadt! "The city of science"

Darmstadt has nothing to envy other German cities, it is a student-magnet, known for its renowned university the TU Darmstadt, and the h-da university of applied sciences offering a high range of study fields and specializations. it is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Germany with various companies having their headquarters or subsidiaries located in the area.

Art – State museum of Hessen

Even if you do not live in Darmstadt you have to take the time to visit this unique place. It gathers more than ten sections under one fascinating architectural edifice. Due to its diversified exhibitions and branches, people of all ages are rushing to discover its numerous exposed objects and items. From the Egyptian and Roman era to art and cultural history passing by a weapon hall and kings' gold and treasures, the State Museum has a lot to offer. Don't be a surprise if time flies, you get carried away from the captivating zoological area to the natural stones section on the 1st floor; and could easily spend 3 hours without noticing.

The Museum is temporarily closed and will open again on the 18th of April.  Important tip: Ask right away for your student discount at the cash desk!

Nature – …and the spotlight winner is Oberwaldhaus

The city of Science has its fair share of greenery, parks, and forests the most accessible park is right in the city center in the university square called "Herrngarten" where everyone goes for a quick escape to freshness. A must-visit is a garden in the "Orangerie" district; very sophisticated and comforting, making it the ideal place to read a book in a tranquil environment. 

The spotlight winner here is "Oberwaldhaus" 10 min on bus from "Luisenplatz", is a leisure park that regroups a beer garden, a big playground, pony rides, and a relative big pond where boats are available for rent in summer or in winter where people enjoy ice-skating when the small lake is frozen. For the ones who enjoy the forest and its peacefulness the whole area is surrounded by one; you could also walk southwest to discover the Scheftheimer Wiesen natural reserve. Finally, you will find the "Prinz von Hessen" swimming pond within a 10 min walk west of the bus station. In summer, the place is packed with families and students alike.

Food - Little Italia in Riegerplatz

One of the finest and the most surprising Pizza you will ever try is brick-oven-backed by Mono-pizza. The pizzaiolo on-site renders the experience authentic and makes a thin crispy dough. Good things take time, be patient, 10-15 minutes waiting for a Mono-pizza is worth it. The price range is from 6/8€ for a Margarita going up to 15€, pizza lovers would be delighted because you get absolute value for your money. I suggest you finish your gustative experience with ice cream from "Eisboutique Da Carlo" right next to Mono-pizza Restaurant.

  Written by: Manaf Naqouri

  Uninest Student Residences resident