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Student Accommodation Options in Australia

What are the things that come to mind when you think of Australia? Kangaroos! Koalas! Beautiful landscapes! Well, there’s a lot to cover. Particularly for students, it offers a lot more than you’d expect.

Australia is the 3rd most popular English speaking destination after the United States and the UK. Approximately 84% of the employers in Australia are satisfied with graduate students and that number goes up to 86% for postgraduates.

No wonder that Australia has one of the most internationally reputed education systems!

Australia’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world, with living costs and tuition considerably lower than the UK and US. Plus, getting a visa in Australia is far easier compared to other countries. Australia also allows students to participate in their ‘overseas student program’, which can allow you to work for 20 hours/week, helping students cut down on costs and enjoy their stay.


Most of your money will go into education so it can definitely be worth your while to check out education loans to help you to save your money for your living costs. The cost of education can range from $15,000 - $33,000 annually for graduates and $20,000 - $37,000 annually for post-graduates.  Aside from that, you can opt for student funding and scholarship programmes. Now let’s move towards the main topic of this article.

Student accommodation in Australia

Students studying in Australia have a lot to options to choose from. But unlike other countries, Australian Universities provide very little university housing options. Most of the students studying in Australia live off-campus. Here’s a summary of the options students have:

University Halls

University halls provide you with all the basic facilities and amenities. If you want to play it safe until you can work your way around the city, University halls are the right option for you. It is ideal for freshers but note that it is comparatively more expensive than the other options.


The Homestay programs involve an international student living with an Australian family in their home. This way students can understand and adapt to the Australian culture and lifestyle.

Single or shared rooms are available, and costs vary by type of room ranging anywhere between A$110 and A$270 per week.

The meals are generally included in the stay and self-catered homestay is an option as well. If this option takes your fancy, you can usually get more information about approved and respected homestays from your educational institution.

Private housing/Rental property

In renting a property, note that many housing amenities won’t be available. You’d have to buy or rent the other amenities. Thus, the overall cost is generally quite high. Not to mention the paperwork and maintenance charges that you might need to take during your tenancy! Generally, the cost ranges from around A$100-A$400 per week, and shared rental accommodations cost around A$70-A$250 per week. These accommodations usually require payment of rent in advance as well as a security deposit (called a ‘bond’), which is generally equal to one month’s rent, paid up front.

Private halls/ Off-campus student housing

If you love cooking and hanging out with friends, with a little bit more freedom at a considerably cheaper cost - private halls are a great option for you as they provide common spaces like kitchens and social areas. Private halls are owned and operated by third-parties but some of them also have partnerships with some institutions to support your housing needs. And just like university halls, private halls provide you with on-site security and full-time assistance. When considering off-campus student housing you must keep in mind:

Property selection

The place you decide to live in will shape your experience. Melbourne and Sydney are two of the most popular cities for international students. It can be tough to make the final call, and viewing all of the choices can be incredibly time consuming! Which is why we allow people to take a tour of our properties via Skype!

You’ll find that there are lots of options to choose from in a city like Melbourne! Selecting the right accommodation can get confusing, there are a number of student housing options sites that can help you to cut the paperwork and hassle out of your search, and book your ideal accommodation quickly and easily!