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If you’ve booked with us at Austen House in Southampton already, or need yet another reason to book, read on! Announcing 9, YES 9, new social spaces for you to relax, study and chill with friends.

If you’re a gaming guy/ girl, then you’ll be delighted to hear Austen will have a Gaming Room for battling your friends on those long evenings, when you know you should be working but just can’t tear yourself away from GTA or FIFA! Whatever takes your fancy with 8 screens you can even have a gaming party, or you know, pretend you’re in The Big Bang Theory.

They’ll also be a Cinema Room, completely blacked out and equipped with a projector and extra comfy seating, we think you’re going to love this one! Who doesn’t love watching The Notebook for the 40th time and crying into a bean bag because if he’s a bird you’re a bird! Or maybe something more manly like Scarface or Band of Brothers… whatever works!

Our Art Room has work benches, easels and cutting desks so if your facilities at uni get a bit busy around hand in time, you’ll have somewhere else to be creative, messy and collaborative. Whilst we’re on the subject of creative, the Music Room will have a mixing desk and plenty of space for instruments and there will also be a Photography Room!

Not to mention the cosy Reading Room, Stylish Bar, Study Rooms and of course the Common Roomcomplete with Pool table and TV for watching all the big games of course! You’ll never want to leave!

As with everything we do, the rooms have been designed with students in mind, your interests and needs are important to us.

Here at The Student Housing Company, we’re always looking to improve living experiences for students, and with Austen House we wanted to do something unique. These amenity spaces have been inspired by the students who will be making the new accommodation their home away from home, and we’re excited to see the finished rooms being put to good use.

We still have some Studio rooms left at Austen House for next year so if you’d like the luxury of your own space but with lot’s of opportunities to enjoy social spaces and make new friends, Austen House is a great choice for you.