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We love the spring. But it brings problems. Spring cleaning problems we can help you solve

Traditionally the spring is seen as a time of new beginnings. But did anyone ever consider the problems this brings for students?

Imagine all those crisp packets, Lucozade bottles, or whatever just strewn about your room. The image is a mighty contrast with all the nice flowers blooming outside. So let’s fix it.

How to Do a Quick Spring Clean

1. Re-arrange your room

This helps you to give it a full clean. But it also shows just how much stuff can go missing around your room. Once, one student found a bunch of textbooks down the side of his bed. We’re not here to judge, but it does bring us to the next point.

2. Sell books you don’t need

A textbook about the 3,001 laws specific to the ancient nation of Babylon? Probably time to say goodbye.

Not only do you make more space, you get more cash when you sell text books sooner rather than later. Remember, many go down in value when a new edition comes out.

Plus, it’s liberating to get rid of clutter.

3. Give away your clothes

At least, those items you’re not wearing. If you have a bunch of stuff that’s just sitting about and taking up space, why bother. Put them in a bag and take them to the nearest charity shop. There’s usually an Oxfam or something similar in most town centres.

Now you’ve got more space to reinvent your image.

4. Freshen up your social media

Okay. The digital image is important too. Time to scrub up those profiles.

Review any photos on Facebook and make sure that the only times you’re seen on the dance floor are the times you’re showing your best moves.

This also helps out if you’re going to do an internship over the summer. Employers look.

5. Clear your mind

They say “tidy home, tidy mind”, but they’re wrong. You should take care of your mind in its own way.

Let go of worries and give yourself a mental freshen up. If you’re finding it tough to relax, go to student services and ask about relaxation classes and stress-reducing workshops. Paradoxically, a relaxed mind is more ready for more challenges.

6. Ask yourself what’s next?

When everything is all squeaky-clean, nice one, you’ve beaten spring cleaning for the year. You’ll feel pretty great about having a clean room and a fresh image. So it’s time to take that confidence on the road.

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