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For all the high-street clothes shops you’d expect to find in any biggish British city, Liverpool ONE is your best bet – Zara, H&M, American Apparel, Office, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, etc. There’s also Boots and Superdrug for all your toiletries.

St. John’s Shopping Centre doesn’t have much in terms of clothes and fashion (at least not for students!), but it does have a very reliable food bit – with McDonald’s, KFC and Subway all right next to each other. Also, there’s a Ryman’s Stationery shop (cheap pens and notepads galore), and an Aldi for dirt-cheap high-quality food – if you do it strategically, you can eat like royalty for less than £20 a week!

Bold Street and its surrounding area is also worth a wander. Here you’ll find a few high-street shops like Footasylum, The Body Shop, Holland & Barrett, and Size? – but there are also a few charity shops (Oxfam, BHF, etc.) where you’ll find some second-hand bargains, and then a load of independent boutiques like Resurrection, Dig Vinyl, Lost Art (skate/streetwear) and Ran (men’s casual clothing). Plus the almost countless hip cafes and coffeehouses. And a Greggs.