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A-Level results are in and you're going to university. There’s only one thing left to do now, CELEBRATE!

Here’s a list of some ideas of how you can celebrate on results day.

Party, party, partyyy

Studying’s over and it’s paid off, it’s finally time to get dressed up, get the gang together and celebrate in style with a night out on the tiles. Let your hair down and go all out, go to the place you’ve never been to before, push the boat out and go to that fancy club you’ve always fancied trying.

Camping trip

Organise a weekend away with friends, maybe a trip away camping or glamping. A great way to relieve a year of stress and hard work, as well as having one last catch up before you all go to uni.

Visit your favourite restaurant

Everyone loves a good meal, don’t they? Why not organise a special meal? Getting your A levels and going to university doesn’t happen every day so splash out and go for that once in a lifetime meal. 

Book a holiday

Is there any other way to fully unwind than being on holiday? Sitting on the beach with a cocktail in hand or having a coffee in a city steeped with history. A well deserved break is the perfect way to relax before Uni.

Retail Therapy

There’s nothing better than retail therapy is there? Plan a day to go shopping with friends and family and treat yourself to something special. Spend a day with Mum or Dad, if you’re lucky they might get you a little treat too. Don’t forget about your student discounts either, they’ll come in handy over the next couple of years.

Throw a BBQ or House Party

The British weather is always unpredictable but planning a BBQ on results day is the perfect excuse for a get-together. Make sure you prepare to change it to a house party if it rains though. It’s a great excuse to catch up with everyone before you head off to uni too.

Spa day

The pressures off so it’s time to fully relax and what better way than a spa day. Take the time out to look after yourself and get ready for the years ahead. It's moments like these that you’ll really appreciate you did when you’re in the library at 3 am. 

Now you have your results, it's time to think about your accommodation. Speak to usto find out how we can help you make your move.