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Self-isolation List of Activities

Scrabble-like online games

Available on many platforms (apple, android and windows) students can download and sign up to play scrabble-like online games. Some apps allow for multiple users so you can virtually play with your friends and family.

Study Spaces of Tomorrow Design (

We do not know when or where we’ll host the design workshop, but we know we will! Submissions are open! You have plenty of time to work on a design! (hint: Check the website for the next design workshop dates. This workshop will help you build and submit your design).

Adult coloring books

You can purchase an adult coloring book or just print a few pages off the internet. Use pens or coloring pencils to create your own art pieces.

Workout / Yoga sessions

YouTube is a great source for workout and Yoga lessons! If you’ve never tried Yoga before, this could be the time. Remember to start with beginner-level classes and to only do activities that you can safely do in the space you are in.

Free online courses

Many websites (such as offer free online university-level courses. This is a good time to pick up a random course and learn something new.


This form of Japanese art is a good way to keep yourself occupied. While origami paper would be nice, most origami can be made with a regular paper.


Even though it’s all about numbers, you do not need any math skills for Sudoku! Available for free online, you will find that there are beginner and advanced sudoku puzzles. Start with the easy ones and work your way up.

Complete the Moneyfit survey

Want to learn more about finances, and figure out where you stand financially, complete this survey.

Virtual hangout sessions

Invite your family and/or friends to a virtual hangout session. Have a warm cup of coffee while virtually chatting with your friends. Do a quick search for video calling apps (such as google hangouts or zoom) and invite your family and friends to join.

Get involved in your residence

Ask your residence teams what virtual group activities they’re offering. If you would like to host an activity yourself, speak to the residence teams for support.