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Revising for Your Exams

Getting psyched up for your exam period is a tough task that very few relish. Luckily, The Student Housing Company team has poured its own years of experience into one concise revision guide.

We know that successful revision periods require both a healthy lifestyle and a switched on brain, but achieving that balance is exceedingly tricky when you are trying to cram as much information into your head at once out of sheer stress. That is why we have put together some of our tips on how to plan your time, and hopefully take you one step closer to reaching your full potential.

Concise Planning

Prioritise your workload from the beginning, as half of your success will be down to careful organisation. Map out your time and your subjects by splitting them up into sections; to start take the subjects you are sitting first and assess when you will be studying for them in the day according to the level of difficulty. If you find a subject particularly challenging, make sure you cover it first thing in the morning when your mind is fresh and raring to go. Stagger the remaining subjects throughout your plan, increasing the frequency with which you return to the subject depending on the proximity of that exam.

The recommended maximum amount of time to spend dedicated to a subject is one hour. However, this does depend on your personal method of working, and once you get into a rhythm taking a break can be detrimental. For most, a study session of between 30 and 45 minutes is long enough before taking a five minute break. Have a walk around and get your blood flowing; make yourself a hot drink or if you’re in the library with friends, pop somewhere for a chat. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something that takes your mind off your work.

Practice Exams

Remember a hundred years ago when you were revising for your GCSEs and A Levels, and you spent your life doing old exam papers? Well those things really work, and usually your lecturer will have stored them in your online resource for you. Going over old exam papers allows you to put your knowledge into practice, while importantly gets you accustomed to the layout so you know exactly what to expect when the big day rolls round.

Study Groups

Meeting up with friends on your course gives you the opportunity to test yourself, and could also help to get your head around areas you’ve been struggling with. It’s more than likely that at least one of your friends will have sussed it and can put it in far simpler terms than your lecturer ever did.

Top Student Housing Company Tip – Spend an afternoon in the library with an old exam paper and your chums, going through each question in minute detail. Odds are, if it’s a recent paper several of those questions could crop up in your own exam and you’ll have plenty to say if they do.

Look After Yourself

We know, it’s super tempting to live out of a vending machine, gorging on chocolate, crisps and supposed energy bars mixed with sugary drinks and gallons of coffee, never stepping far outside the safe confines of your student accommodation or the library. Nevertheless you must man up, because this is no good for your brain, your body, or your poor tummy!

Granted, convenience is key when you are locked in the library for all night sessions, but fresh air, exercise and healthy food will make that big brain of yours flourish. If you’re in the library for an especially long period of time, your eyes are drooping and all you want is a Red Bull, go and get yourself a bottle of water. This is far better for your brain when you need it to be working at its best.

Good Luck from All of Us!

Exam periods are extremely stressful times and understandably so, but try when you can to take some of the pressure off yourself, because it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get a first in everything.

If you need anything from us in the meantime – should your radiator suddenly give up the ghost or your TV go on the blink and you really need a friendly face around – talk to us and we’ll lift that extra stress from your shoulders.

You have The Student Housing Company backing you all the way, so just follow our tips, whip those highlighters out and get cracking. You’ve got this.