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Productive Procrastination: Surviving Exam Season

It’s almost exam season and it’s hard enough trying to revise without the art of procrastination interfering. The dictionary definition of procrastination is ‘the action of delaying or postponing something’ – well we’ve all been there, right? To help rid the delays and the “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”s, here’s a few helpful tips to keep your procrastination under control.

1. No More Distractions

It’s time to be forceful and get rid of all your distractions that cause you to sway from revising for your exam. Close those social media apps and put yourself on a phone ban. You don’t need to watch that video of the pug wearing a potato outfit, nor do you need to like your old housemate’s #TBT Instagram post – these things can all wait until later.

It’s not just your phone that is a distraction, either – people are too. Let your housemates and friends know that you’re revising and to not disturb you. If they also find it hard to fight the procrastination, then find a space where you can fully focus on revision, without social media, without friends disturbing you, and without TV. Where?

The library, of course!

2. Work When You’re Alert

We know you’ve got a lot to cram in, whether it’s your social life, a sports match, or your revision, but it’s imperative you get lots of rest. There’s no point rushing into your revision when you’re fatigued, because you’re a lot more likely to procrastinate when you’re tired. And then, before you know it, that’s another day gone without any work.

Find your peak time of the day where you know you work most effectively, and try to stick to that time to get your revision done.

3. Eat. Exercise. Sleep. Repeat.

Now, we’re not saying run a marathon or cook a three-course meal, but you do need to make sure you’re giving your brain some food. We don’t mean a bowl of Super Noodles either. Eating well and taking care of yourself will help you feel energised and more likely to get work done.

A short walk to get some fresh air and give yourself a little break will help to eliminate any procrastination urges.

4. Prioritise

It may seem like you have a mountain of revision to complete before exam day, but let’s take a moment to have a deep breath and to prioritise your workload. Prioritising what you need to do will really give you a clear understanding of what needs to be done and by when. Having a clear structure of your revision plan will help with less procrastination as you know exactly what you’re doing and when.

5. Don’t Stress

It’s easier said than done, but the more you stress, the worse it gets. Have faith that you will complete your work and you will pass that exam. By chilling out and relaxing about your workload, you’ll feel a lot better and calmer about the tasks you have to complete. Don’t worry, you got this.

Now, don’t worry about whether you’ll get your work done or not, because guess what? We know you will! Following these tips will help you leave your procrastination days behind you, and will put the days of completed revision and passed exams ahead of you.

If you still feel like you need a helping hand, then have a look at these cool apps that will not only help you with your studying, but also with your cooking, money-saving, and partying.

Let us know how you get on with your revision on Facebook or tweet us @comelivewithus – but be sure to do that after your revision, because we don’t want to be the excuse of your social media procrastination…