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Peckish in Plymouth?

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, you’re in luck, because Plymouth has plenty of cafés that beat your normal Starbucks hands-down.

Indulge all of your chocolate and coffee dreams at Chocaccino, along The Barbican. As the name suggests, you’ll find plenty of choccie delights. And be warned... You're going to have a tough time choosing from their menu of homemade chocolates, cakes and real hot chocolates!

Or if chocolate’s not your thing (who even are you!?), but you still deserve a treat, head over to the RumpusCosy vintage tearooms in the ‘Radiant’ cultural space on Derry’s Cross. William’s Yard also has quite a few trendy cafés to enjoy.

Another top spot for a caffeine fix is the trendy YAY! Koffee & Laundry on Mutley Plain. You won’t need their laundry facilities, as you've got that in your Yugo space, but you can still enjoy a cuppa… Or head over to The Boathouse Cafe on The Barbican for the coastal views and chilled-out vibe.

And being by the seaside, at some point you'll be wanting an ice cream (or three!). Aptly-named Blue Glacier Ice Cream Parlour, along The Barbican, is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for ice creams, with every flavour imaginable, including cherry choc brownie, gingerbread, candyfloss, and rhubarb and custard.