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Packing list for your student dormitory

So, you finally decided on which college you want to attend. But, as you imagine all the house parties and other facets of student life, you should not forget the good old packing list. Being prepared is one of the most essential parts of a good start to college life. So, with this packing checklist, you will be able to identify all the things you need for student accommodation. If you are looking for discounts and other benefits to make university life easier, make sure to check out our offers for students.

1. Documents

No matter where you are going to study, documents should be an essential part of your packing list. From your government ID to your driver’s license, always include any documents you might need. Even something as (seemingly) minor as a vaccination certificate might become important at some point.

Other vital papers may include your social security number and insurance card. You never know when you need any of those documents, so having them with you at all times serves as a form of security.

2. Sleeping Essentials

Sleeping in a dormitory can be quite an adventure. If it is your first time away from the comfort of your parents’ home, you are bound to experience homesickness. To counter this, you can add bed linen to your packing list. Having a part of your life back home with you may help counter the symptoms of being homesick.

If you are not one to use your smartphone as your means of waking up, an alarm might also be necessary. Being late to class is one of the worst things you can do as a student

3. Bathroom

Depending on the layout of your student home, you might have to share the washroom. But even if you have your own private bathroom, bringing your own towels is probably a good idea. Appliances such as a hairdryer or a shaver (for the male students out there) should also be part of the packing list, too.

Having a supply of shampoo, shower gel, and toothpaste might also be beneficial. While you can buy these utilities once you are at the dormitory, bringing them with you will mean you don’t have to rush out as soon as you move in to get those essentials.

4. Electronics

While we surely don’t expect you to forget your smartphone at home, bringing a laptop, notebook, or tablet with you is highly recommended, too. You will constantly be taking notes at uni, so a device to write everything down on will be handy. Just make sure your professor allows the use of electronic devices during lectures, as not all have that policy. And even if you are not allowed to use your laptop in a particular class, you can still use it for entertainment purposes.

On the utility side, bringing a water heater can be vital for survival in college. From brewing tea to cooking eggs, water heaters have all kinds of uses that can make uni life easier. In the same vein, a microwave can become your new best friend.

5. Kitchen items & utilities

All student residences come equipped with a ceramic hob, fridge, and microwave. This way, you will always be able to cook food at your own convenience. However, to fully enjoy your home-cooked meals, don’t forget to bring your own dishes as well as cutlery!

6. Other Essentials

Did you know that a can opener can be extremely useful in student housing? Whether you want to open a can or a bottle, can openers usually fulfil both needs. Make sure to pack some writing gear, including papers, pens, and erasers. Even though most universities let you use electronic devices during lectures, there will undoubtedly be times where you have to write stuff down by hand.

For many students, earplugs have also become lifesavers during their college days. Parties are no rarity in college dormitories, so getting a good night’s sleep can prove quite tricky. Earplugs can help reduce noise and maximise the amount of sleep you will get.

The Ultimate Checklist for University Life

If you are overwhelmed by all the things you will need for university life, don’t panic! We have composed a checklist for you to make sure all the essentials are part of your packing list.








Shower gel




Credit/Debit card

Driver’s license

Government ID

Social security number

Vaccination certificate

Charging cable




Video game console

Water heater


Bed linen



Can opener




Medical supplies

Writing supplies

There you have it, the essential guide to your packing list for University. If you need any help, make sure to get in touch with us. We are always glad to help students find their way into university life.