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Our Residence Names Explained…

Alvarium, Elementum, Leonis, Navale & Urbanum … these are all names of our Uninest Student Residences in Germany but you might be wondering what do these names mean? So, we’d like to give you the low-down on what these names stand for and why we chose them.

Frankfurt-Bockenheim, Alvarium = the beehive

Our beautiful Uninest is located in Frankfurt’s district of Bockenheim, where the municipal coat of arms is adorned with a golden beehive. For the busy honeybees, the beehive is a winter- and weatherproof housing, and its usage in the municipal coat of arms symbolizes Bockenheim’s industriousness. At Uninest, we also offer many hard-working “bees” accommodation.

Darmstadt, Elementum = the element

Which German city can claim that an element has been named after it? Darmstadt can! The chemical element Darmstadtium was discovered in the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt and the city gave the element its name. As a science city, Darmstadt houses numerous universities and research facilities, and the local Uninest offers a home to its students.

Münster, Leonis = lions

Lions: Proud and self-confident. That’s the way the animals are shown on Münster’s municipal coat of arms. We are proud to be able to offer accommodation at Uninest for numerous students studying in the university city Münster.

Hamburg, Navale = the harbour

The harbour of the city of Hamburg is one of the largest harbours in Europe. Events such as the Hafengeburtstag (harbour birthday) and the creation of the new district HafenCity (HarbourCity) show the importance of the harbour for the city. We offer students in Hamburg a safe harbour. What would be more obvious than to give our beautiful Uninest in the heart of Hamburg the appropriate name?

Frankfurt-City, Urbanum = the city

For centuries, Frankfurt am Main has been one of the most important urban centres in Germany and is today a financial centre of international importance as well as an important industrial, service and exhibition hub. Frankfurt is rightly regarded as a metropolis and you can proudly call this city your home.