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The Student Housing Company is pleased to announce that Scott Blakeway has joined the company as Operational Projects Manager.  Scott has a strong background within higher education and student accommodation provision and recognises the importance in meeting the residential requirements of students.

Scott spent two years as a sabbatical officer at Nottingham Trent Students Union and has first hand experience of the importance of the ‘student experience’.  As President of the students union, Scott represented the demands of students at the highest level of the university and other bodies to ensure students had a strong collective voice.

Most recently Scott was Development Manager with Unipol Student Homes, a charity housing over 2,700 students in Leeds and supporting students in finding high quality housing in Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford.  Scott was a key player in Unipol’s training programme assisting housing providers in providing high quality accommodation and service to tenants.

Scott’s role was wide reaching giving him a valuable insight into the operations of student housing provision and ensuring ongoing improvement in service, something he hopes will benefit tenants of The Student Housing Company.