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With the end of the exams in sight, and the long summer months beckoning, how do you plan to make the best of them? You might already have your next few months mapped out, but if the end of the academic year, and cramming for the exams has had you too busy to think about what you’re going to do through the summer months, here’s some ideas to help make the most of your time off.

If the feeling of three months with no lectures, no study, and no work fills you with dread, then there are an abundance of internships, summer schools and more. If you’re looking for work, then hit recruitment and temp agency websites such as Reed, Indeed, Office Angels, and Pertemps, who are always looking for students with different backgrounds such as finance, business, and economics. For the more creative types, try approaching companies such as Grazia, Look, or Stylist, who often hire interns, as do fashion retailers like H&M, and Arcadia groups. Make sure you always have a current up to date CV handy, for if you spot that perfect summer job.

An indoor office job might not appeal to some, having only just escaped the lecture theatre. If you're more inclined to want to be outdoors and doing something more physical over the summer, volunteering at a festival might be the ticket. Many of the UK’s summer festivals need bar staff and event stewards. Festaff and Hotbox Events have plenty of opportunities and roles for an opportunistic student. If the festival scene is not for you, then heading abroad for a few months may be more appealing. Companies such as e4s and Season Workers usually have holiday reps and club promoter jobs for resorts all around Europe.

The summer months are also the perfect time to explore those activities you never quite find the time for. There are plenty of ways to keep your mind active and entertained. Why not try and find something new and exciting to challenge yourself and keep you busy?

If you’d like to be more tech savvy, it’s worth exploring some free online coding classes. This can not only help improve your career prospects but also strengthen your problem solving skills. If this sounds too intense for you, perhaps writing a blog about your passions would be better suited to you. Blogging is a good way to get more practice in writing, and an opportunity to express yourself and your interests.

However, if you’ve spent the last year glued to a keyboard, maybe you’d like to try something a bit more arty. Find local art courses, and explore your creative side. Arts such as pottery or painting can be confidence building, therapeutic, and lots of fun.

If your culinary skills peak at heating up instant noodles, then learning to cook or bake over the summer is not only satisfying and delicious, but would impress your housemates on your return to uni. Discovering how to make and prepare simple and healthy meals will give you skills for life, as well as opening up a whole new world of cuisine.

The stresses of the past year might have caught up with you, and while taking the time to relax is vital, the summer is a good time to think about some lifestyle changes. Yoga is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improving your heart and health. If joining a gym sounds daunting, small changes in your lifestyle can make quite a difference. It’s a good opportunity to moderate your drinking and quit smoking, which will also save you lots of money.

Overall, make sure, when the time to get back to uni arrives, you feel recharged, and ready to take on the next year.