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Moving into a flat with people you don’t know can be daunting but there’s no need to stress or worry, after all, everybody’s in the same boat.

New flatmates

Freshers week is great for taking the time to get to know your new flatmates, make an effort to get to know them even better. Host a dinner, order a takeaway and stick a film on, organise drinks or plan a night on the tiles.

Course friends

Make friends with the people on your course, you’ll have loads in common about your studies so you won’t need to worry about filling those awkward silences.

Open Doors

You might not always be in the mood for socialising, but when you are prop your bedroom door open. People will begin to feel invited in to communicating with you when your doors open.

Put the kettle on 

We’re not suggesting you become Mrs Doyle but is there a better way to starting a conversation than putting the kettle on. Wind down, feet up and have a good old natter with your new pals.

Join a society

Make sure you visit the freshers fair near you, they’ll have loads of groups, communities and societies for you to join that are full of like minded people. 

Introduce yourself

Everybody feels the same, maybe they’re waiting for you to make the first move. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and knock on your neighbours door.

Search social media

There are lots of social groups on social media, find the one that suits you and build a rapport up over the internet first, you’ll have plenty to talk about when you meet face to face.

Remember everyone is in the same boat and looking to enjoy university just as much as you are. Still undecided about where you’re going to stay? Talk to us to find out more.