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The summer months are almost here. Lectures have finished and exams are nearly if not already over. As the weather picks up, and the sky clears, you may dare to bare your feet in a pair of flip flops, or stroll in clothes which don’t cover you up from head to toe. You’ve got more freedom now and for at least the next three months – but what to do with it?

Well, there’s a whole bunch of ways you can use your new found time. If you’ve graduated this summer, you may find our post on how to find work as a graduate useful. Or if for you this is a summer between studies, then there are some other cool things you can do. Let’s have a look at them.


“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.”
– Aldous Huxley

When the author of Brave New World penned the above quote, little did he know that budget airlines would make travel as accessible to the masses as it is today. His grumpiness aside, in one sense he was also spot on. The thing is, you have to discover the world for yourself and lucky for you, in 2014, you have the chance to travel almost anywhere.

Explore your options:


“Loving my internship” – @thomlynee

Now that you have a few months to play with, why not channel that time into something super productive like an internship? This is one way to get something really impressive on your CV, it will help you stand out when you leave university, and is a chance to try out the work of an industry you’re interested in.

For example, if you want a career in advertising, you may want to work over summer as a copywriter intern. Agency experience can be quite competitive, but if you’re quick off the mark and can show you have the right interest, you will soon find your way into a position.

There are some great resources for internships on the internet. If you know the kind of work you’re after it’s a good idea to look on Twitter. Follow the businesses and companies you’re interested in working for, as they will often post a link when a place is available. For a more general set of internships, inspiringinterns have a newsletter you can subscribe to for regular internship updates in your local area.

Summer Jobs

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”
― Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison knew a thing or two about hard work. Along with loads of other things, he invented the first light bulb that was actually commercially viable. Clever guy.

Anyhow, the point is that hard work and dedication always pay off, and so could your summer activity if you plan it right. We don’t mean you have to work out at sea on a trawler or anything, though you could if you wanted, but taking some paid work over the summer is a way to deepen the pockets a little bit and gain solid work experience.

We’ll still be here when you get back

After a summer of hard graft, travelling and buckets of fun, we’ll be here waiting to welcome you back with open arms to our top notch student accommodation. Whether you’re moving back into The Costume Store in London or Canal Point in Edinburgh, we can’t wait to see your smiling face all ready and refreshed for the start of a new term with The Student Housing Company.