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How to find the most suitable student accommodation in Dublin for you

Going to university involves making a lot of important choices. Which university to pick, the course to apply for and, of course, where to live. The last of these is one of the most difficult, with countless choices when it comes to student accommodation in Dublin so here are some words of advice for making an informed decision before your move to Dublin.

Private or university accommodation?

Firstly, you need to choose between private or university student accommodation. Both have their benefits, but it comes down to what you value most about the place that you live. Rooms in private student accommodation are typically more comfortable and well taken care of with minimal issues. And if you do run into any problems, there are dedicated on-site teams to help resolve these issues in record time.

Rooms in private accommodation are designed around you having the best possible time at university, rather than simply a place to eat and sleep. But there may be fewer rooms available in these halls, so it pays to act quickly if you're interested. The opposite is often true with university accommodation, offering more rooms to choose from, plus your fellow residents will be studying at the same university.

Networking and amenities

However, private accommodation allows you to connect with students you otherwise wouldn't come across, expanding your social circle and network of valuable contacts. Your rent will also include extra amenities, unlike university accommodation which generally provides little more than a cafe and bike racks. Private student accommodation offers enough within the building to keep yourself occupied and entertained no matter the situation. For example, Ardcairn House has a cinema room, bowling alley, and gym built into the premises, meaning an entire day's activities are right there on your doorstep!

As well as the extra opportunities for socialising and fun in private student accommodation, you’ll find added benefits in terms of location. University-provided student accommodation in Dublin is usually based either far off campus, meaning extra commute times, or in areas geared around convenience rather than being relaxing and pleasant to live there.

Look at location

With private accommodation, you don't need to make that trade-off. The locations are designed to be both pleasing to the eye and useful for student life on a day-to-day basis. These halls are generally positioned in both the town centre and in locations in easy reach of your university campus, allowing you to switch between work and leisure with ease. This will come in especially useful after your first few weeks of university, once you realise the kind of work-life balance that works best for you.

Make an educated decision

With all this in mind, ultimately, the decision about which student accommodation in Dublin is best is down to you. There are factors to consider for each individual, but it’s always advisable to focus your attention on location and the two different types of accommodation as a starting point. Get this critical decision right, and your university education - not to mention your social life - will be everything you hope for and more.

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