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“The events that caused the current situation in international education have hastened the dawn of a new post-mobility world in which physical travel is unnecessary for the creation and transmission of knowledge across borders,” said Brent White, vice provost of global affairs at Arizona. “Almost overnight, courses have transitioned to online, and international students are continuing to study while remaining safe at home in their own countries. We want to help them achieve their dreams of a U.S. degree, no matter the circumstances.”

Why virtual?

Virtual learning seems to have become a new normal in recent times, with many universities opting to offer classes via video seminar to their students. This gives The University of Arizona an opportunity to offer their courses globally for their future academic semesters.Live in one city but learn remotely from another!

Why The University of Arizona?

The University of Arizona is listed within the Top 100 Institutions in the world as well as #11 out of 353 programs in the '2020 Best Online Bachelor's programs' according to a US News & World Report as well as finding itself named within ‘top’ lists for various courses and programs. Their forward thinking in the start of this new project opens up a whole new world of learning for international students without having to physically move country.

Why The Student Housing Company?

We continue winning awards for our student accommodation and services provided to those staying in our state of the art facilities around the world. We currently have student residences in 8 countries, giving students the opportunities to study in safe and social communities.