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Get More from Your Student Cities

How to Make Adventures Happen in Your City

Felt Fedoras. Whoever thought they would be the right hat for an adventure? They’re bulky, square, and prone to falling off the head – yet all this never stopped Indiana Jones from wearing one. The thing about an adventure is, you have to do it in your own style.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to wear a silly hat. Just follow us.

Make the Most of Your City

Here are the seven steps to become a successful city adventurer.

1. Find fun

When you’re living in student accommodation, there are plenty of ways to keep track of the fun around your city. There are loads of great guides out there: TimeOut is a favourite for many students. But Google is your friend here too.

2. Mail-list your interests

Mail lists solve one major first world problem. From London down south to Edinburgh up north, there’s so much to do that we miss valuable info in the mix. A great tip to keep on top of stuff you care about is here: sign up to mailing lists and read your emails. All adventurers need info!

3. Save some cash

Like any adventurer, your resources are precious. There’s no need to panic about this. First there’s plenty of ways for you to find deals (such as studentbeans). And there are even more ways to save money with vouchers, offers and student discount cards – from the high street to the cinema.

4. Get going about

Mastering public transport is probably one of the biggest challenges for a green adventurer. Luckily, there are plenty of places to find transport information. You can talk to the people at the info desks, and resourceful students can find tube information is now online.

5. Do fantastic food

A big part of living in the city is the amount of food that you’ll be able to eat. If you’re not already a great student cook, then now’s the time to learn. But you can also do something exciting. In the bigger cities in particular, all kinds of cultures mix together, meaning the most intrepid students can taste food from of all over the world.

6. Get cool and cultured

It doesn’t just end at food though. One particular advantage of living in the bigger cities like BirminghamEdinburgh and London is that you get to see different things from different cultures. It might be all the comedy at the Fringe, or the Carnival in London. Or any number of art exhibitions that pop up in galleries around the country. Keep your eyes peeled and remember the previous tip – Find Fun.

7. Share it with friends

By now you’ve probably made a bunch of friends, and the city is perfect for exploring together. Even Indiana Jones had a sidekick (Shortround) pop up every now and again. Fun, as with any adventure, is always best shared with company.

Explore Your Cities, Make Your Adventure

If you follow the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to a big student adventure. You’ll have great food, great sights and a great time with friends across the city you live in.

Of course any great adventure needs a great camp to call home. And our modern accommodation does just that for many students. So if you have any questions about our student accommodation, please get in touch at any time.