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Finding Frankfurt: International Student Guide

End of lockdown – Beginning of sunshine

We are all breathing a big sigh of relief, Summer is finally here! Now we can all go outside and visit the places we love. Everyone who has lived more than a year in Germany knows that from September to May the weather fluctuates more than Volkswagen daily sales - there are more VW cars sold per day than babies born (in Germany). Yes, that’s a fact!

A dose of fresh air – Little Canyon – Dietesheim

Frankfurt am Main is a cosmopolitan city aka Bankfurt & Mainhattan, with a lot of museums, bridges, cafés, and restaurants and the must-do walk along the Main River. Less than half an hour from ‘Hauptwache’, Frankfurt’s shopping district, I’ve found a place that will simply revive all your senses and enhance the primitive symbiosis between Earth and humankind that we have all been lacking in the past months.

Originally back in the 80s, Little Canyon was a source of extracting basalt, a volcanic rock known as the Dietesheim quarries. Now it is one of the most impressive recreational areas of all Hessen, with two big lakes in the middle the ‘Vogelsbergersee’ and the ‘Oberwaldsee’ offering an unusual Canyon steep walls environment. The lakes are surrounded by a diversified ecosystem, forests, plains, woods, and cliffs that would satisfy any thirst for adventure.

Like a real-life scavenger hunt, you would be searching for amazing spots, all around the lakes, with the best views and there is a whole heap of them. Be sure to stay on the easily accessible paths, things can get slippery. The area is gigantic and attracts all types of people, families, couples, young, old, leading sometimes to peculiar encounters like a middle-aged sword fight.

Enough describing for now it’s your turn to plan your journey, choose a date, prepare some sandwiches and snacks, towel and sunbathing cream, and your smartphone! Duh! You will leave the place with an enriched mind and soul, clean lungs, and a good tan.

How to get there: Ideally, take the S9 from Hauptwache direction Hanau Hbf and stop at Mühlheim (Main) – Dietesheim S-Bahn station |Travel time: 20 min| The natural reserve is a 5min walk from the train station.

PS. The place is also interesting for cyclists, photographers, and nature-lovers