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Money Fitness you say?! Yes! Money Fitness! It’s a thing. For most of us, money is a huge source of stress and a daily worry. Did you know that globally, money is the leading source of stress and anxiety in individuals and relationships? It impacts our sleep, our health, and our overall wellbeing.     

Talking about money doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. Here are three top tips from ZavFit, founders of the Money Fitness movement on how to feel MoneyFit and turn money from a negative into a positive.

1. Spending is good

It’s true, spending is good. We have been led to believe that saving is good and spending is bad. Let’s break that myth. While saving is good for the future, spending can fuel our day to day wellbeing. We need to take care of both and shouldn’t ever sacrifice too much of one for the other. Feeling MoneyFit is not about spending less but about spending smart. Spending smart means finding the things that make a happier you.

2. What makes me tick?

So how do we know what those things are? As the saying goes, what makes me happy, makes you sad. By understanding yourself better and knowing what makes you truly smile, you can spend smart. If you haven’t yet found what ‘makes you tick’, then take the time to try new things. Once you have found what makes you feel well and happy, you can focus your spend on things that are important to you, automatically improving your wellbeing. 

3. Money moods

Have you ever bought something just to cheer yourself or because you were bored? So, how about giving this a go. Ask yourself ‘why am I spending?’ Is it because you are bored, lonely, sad, anxious? And when you spend, ask yourself ‘how is it making me feel?’ Does it make me feel happy? If your spending doesn’t make you feel happy, stop. We found taking 5 minutes to move your body and boost your mood is a great way to fulfil some of those shopping urges. If you can do it outside in nature, even better.

Here's to feeling #MoneyFit...

Financial wellbeing is part of The Student Housing Company's wellbeing programme.