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How have you personalised your space?

We expect you’ve got it all covered; brand new laptop, all your course reading material, and as much clothing as you can possibly fit in the back of your parents’ car. But when you arrive in your slick, brand new apartment and you want to create a home away from home we might be able to help with a few cheap and cheerful décor tips.

1. Student Housing Company Poster

What better place to start than with one of our bespoke posters, unique artwork on one side and some genuinely useful information about your new city on the other. Want to know where to get the best coffee, or what night to go to revolution? Pick up a poster from Reception.*

2. Cover Your Notice Board

We’ve made sure every single one of our rooms has a notice board similar in size to Lake Michigan. This is because we want you to be able to personalise your room. You can pop up your favourite posters and photos from home and still have room for your lecture timetable, in the bottom corner, behind your lamp.

3. Cushions and Throws

If you’d like your flat to look like something out of the IKEA catalogue then all you need to do is purchase an inconceivable amount of cushions and throws. We must warn you now though, these will be for aesthetic reasons only; you won’t be needing these to keep warm on winter nights with our central heating an no bills to worry about.

4. Kitchen Mugs

You might think we are simply going to recommend getting some coloured mugs, but no, here at The Student Housing Company we like to go that extra step, even when it comes to crockery recommendations.

Check out these beauties! And all you need is the cheapest white mugs you can find, some sharpies, and the correct spelling of your new flat mates’ names. Voila! Personalised, hilarious and let’s face it, probably rude kitchen mugs. Just make sure you put them away when your mum visits.

Extra’s for the boys:

Lego Utensil Holder – Okay, so maybe don’t build one of these in the first couple of weeks, but once you’ve established the fact that you’re cool regardless, lego can make the most ordinary of kitchens awesome.

Bedside Table – Not sure what to do with that stack of books your mum bought you in the hope you’d read? Try putting them next to your bed in a stack, whack a lamp on them and make them look like they’re meant to be there!

Extra’s for the girls:

Vintage Washing Lines – On a budget? Buy some string, buy some pegs. You’ve got a great way to display all of your favourite photos from Fresher’s Week.

Bunting – Cheap and cheerful bunting is a classic way of personalising your space, and it comes in virtually every colour so you’re bound to find something that suits your taste.

*Posters are available for selected sites, for more info please contact your site team.

Author Bio:

Rosie Hill is the Sales and Marketing Intern at The Student Housing Company and is a former resident of Astor House in Plymouth.

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