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Exploring Cambridge

Cambridge is renowned for its universities, and rightly so! If you’re lucky enough to be studying here, you will find endless sources of inspiration for your studies. After all, some of the world’s greatest academics were educated here, so the city’s historic wealth of wisdom is bound to be intoxicating! But Cambridge has more to offer its students than just an outstanding degree…

An abundance of rich architectural history lies on every street, with buildings such as St. Bene’t’s church dating back to around 1000AD. Charm exudes from every building and passageway, the same buildings and passageways walked by Coleridge and Plath, Hawking and Turing; just walking around Cambridge is enough to make you feel smarter!

Along the banks of the river, you will spot first-time punters zig-zagging clumsily down the Cam through wisps of weeping willows. Across the bank, regal spikes of grand scale classical buildings dominate the landscape, intercepted only by ancient courtyards, tranquil gardens and dotted meadows – the perfect spots for an afternoon of studying in the summer months.

With its quirky coffee spots and alleyways busied by bicycles and braniacs, Cambridge is a city that appeals to the heart as much as the head.