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Eating in Exeter

Fancy yourself as a big foodie? Then you’re in luck! Exeter is enjoying a food-and-drink revolution like never before, with more and more great eating establishments and international menus popping up all over the city. As the regional capital, Exeter is also the heart of the South West food scene, where a vast array of outstanding restaurants, cafes and tearooms, bistros, delicatessens, and food markets call home.

When it comes to eating out, you can expect the usual chain restaurants, on top of which there’s an abundance of independent and small-scale eateries. If you like your burgers, then add Hubbox and Five Guys to your must-visit list. If your parents are in town (and if by any chance they offer to buy you dinner), Magdalen Road provides several excellent fine-dining options.

In terms of pubs and clubs, many of Exeter’s watering holes have been serving residents and visitors for hundreds of years. The historic inns around the Cathedral Yard and High Street are where you should go for a taste of real ales and fine wines.