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Drinking, Diets & Deadlifts: Staying Fit at Uni

Summer is fast-approaching, which means everyone is in the process of going through that mid-year scramble to get themselves fit and healthy. What this also means is that you’re going to end up paying a small fortune to join an overcrowded and under-serviced gym. Your local gyms will also be fully aware that, as the weather gets warmer and the gym gets busier, they can force you into paying steep joining-fees or signing long, expensive contracts. So how do you get those gains without breaking the bank?

You Buy Yourself a Workout DVD

Do people even have DVD players anymore? Or does everyone just use Netflix now? We’re not too sure, but if you don’t have a DVD player, you should invest in one, because you’re opening the door to hundreds and hundreds of fitness opportunities. That’s right; just about every so-called celeb has their own fitness DVD, and all you have to do is choose the one who you think will get you motivated the most.

Whether you want to get Toned in 10 with Davina McCall, or you fancy having a go of Mr Motivator’s Bums, Legs, and Tums workout, you can do it for as little as £2.90! If you don’t fancy using up all of that valuable energy inserting the disc into your player, you can take advantage of that student subscription to Amazon Prime, where you can find Power Yoga with Erica Vetra – namaste.

You know what’s better than being stuck inside a dingy gym? Being in the great outdoors. You don’t need no gym. The world is your gym. Running is one of the best ways for you to stay in shape, because it works different muscles at once and burns fat at the same time. All you need to do is plan your route and hit the streets, but remember not to try and do too much at once – you’ve got to build it up!

If you’ve ever taken a stroll around your local park, you’ve probably seen these unusual-looking contraptions. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t your council’s attempt at an art installation; these things are actually outdoor gyms designed to make fitness accessible to just about anyone who wants to get in shape, so you don’t have to wait 40 minutes for Mike the Machine to finish up using the weights.

App It Up

Believe it or not, your smartphone is good for more than just playing your favourite games. You probably don’t even know it, but you’ve essentially got a personal trainer in your pocket. So before you fork out for any of those classes, consider having a browse through the app store.

There is an app for just about everything, so for example, if running is your thing, you’ll find that Map My Run gives you a detailed breakdown of the routes that you’ve run and the calories that you’ve burned, which is perfect for monitoring how well your training is going – it’s just a case of finding the right app to meet your needs.

Join a Sports Team

The best part of being in uni is that you get to meet like-minded people, so if you’re on the lookout for a new way to stay fit, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be plenty of other people looking for the same thing. You’ll find that if enough people want to pursue something, the uni will give you funding to set up your society.

The chances are that most unis will already have a bunch of established sports teams, so it’s just a case of signing up for one that already exists. Team sports are a great way to stay in shape because you’re working alongside others and you’re all invested in performing to the best of your collective ability – not to mention that an interest in team sports will tell future employers that you can work well with other people.

Staying in Shape on a Budget

Whether you’re looking for free ways to exercise or you just want to know about the best foods to eat to keep you on top form, our blog is packed full of useful information that will help you reach those fitness goals without breaking the bank.