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Benefits of travelling for students during the summer

There’s nothing quite like seeing the world, and as a student with lengthy summer breaks you’re perfectly placed to make the most of life-changing travel experiences. As well as the relaxation and excitement an extended holiday can offer, it’s a great way to improve yourself as a person and learn useful new skills.

Prepare For Your Trip

But what are the first steps to take when planning the trip of a lifetime? Before you do anything, it’s important to check on travel restrictions due to COVID-19. When it comes to the rest of the world, your options will be more limited than usual, but most UK destinations are safe. And the British Isles have more than enough to offer, no matter if you’re looking to explore world-class cities or scenic views.

You’ll also need look at your transport options. A season ticket can be a relaxing way to travel across the country by train, and if you’re planning to climb mountains and spend time in the beautiful British countryside, a pair of good walking boots is a must because let’s be honest – there might be rain.

Meet New People

Hostels and shared accommodation can be a smart option for travellers, and you’ll find quality options wherever you decide to go. You’ll easily meet new people here and you’ll find they’re often travelling for the same reasons you are. Instead of the usual guided tour, why not explore with your new-found friends, or blaze a trail and have a solo adventure.

Invaluable Skills

By going to these new places and meeting fresh faces, you’ll learn about people and cultures in ways that can’t be taught in a lecture hall. There’s nothing like trading tales with fellow travellers about your adventures, and you’ll no doubt have plenty of exciting stories to tell your housemates when term starts again.

Career Benefits

It’s also worth keeping in mind that travel is regarded positively by employers, as it shows you have the courage to quite literally step outside of your comfort zone. Another key benefit is the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in university in the real world. That may come in the form of demonstrating your money handling skills as you budget for your trip or writing about the different regions of the UK. Travelling is the ideal way to use and develop all kinds of skills, many you didn’t know you had.

It’s no exaggeration to say that taking a leap of faith and going on a lengthy trip will make you a well-travelled and well-rounded person. And touring a place as diverse as the UK means you can be in an all-new environment in under an hour, giving you multiple opportunities to become immersed in a completely new culture. Best of all, you’ll be enjoying yourself while learning new things and developing yourself in a way that enriches your future career opportunities.

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