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Hello. We're Yugo

Global Students Picture

Moving away from home is a big deal…

Let’s make it extraordinary.

Our student housing is more than just a place to live and learn. It’s a holistic living experience with spaces across the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

We give our students a supportive place to grow, on and off campus.

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Planet and people friendly

We’re a brand that lives and breathes our purpose. We’re on a mission, a mission to better the planet, empower our students on their educational journey, support their needs and provide them with a safe space to do this.

Sustainability is a priority. Our shared future also depends on the changemakers of tomorrow being able to find themselves, be themselves and follow their dreams.

That’s what our Live Your Best Life program is all about. Three ways to set yourself up for the future: YugoEco, YuPro and YuGrow.


Where Yugo began

We were born when The Student Housing Company, Nexo Residencias and Uninest with UComm all got together. Same amazing teams on the ground, different name above the door.

That valuable experience made it possible for us to change the way student housing is delivered. Together, we’ve made it extraordinary.

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