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Sophie Louise Nixon is a student going into her third year of university and will be moving into Knoll Court next month. Here's what she's got to say about what you DO and DO NOT need to bring to university:

The start of term is just around the corner! Soon you will be moving into your accommodation to begin an exciting year of university. Fresher or not - it’s easy to get carried away packing for your new digs. So, what exactly do you need to bring? Below is a list of handy do and do nots on what to pack for university.

What you DO need to pack:

It can be hard to transition from home life to life at university. Bringing the following items can really help ease you into adult life and make those first few weeks less scary.

Home comforts

An obvious one. Bring some items from home that you enjoy. This could be pictures, plants or a plush toy. Whatever makes you feel less lonely on your first few nights away from home.

“I was really homesick the first week I lived in halls. I brought some polaroids of friends and my favourite coffee to help me adjust to my new life”- Christina Lamont, Northumbria.

Comfy bedding

Another obvious one. Long days of lectures and seminars will make you appreciate your bed more than ever. Invest in some great quality bedding to make sure you get a good night’s sleep and are ready for another day of studying.

Clothes Airer

Doing your washing for the first time is daunting and can be expensive. The cost of washing and drying your clothes quickly adds up. One way of combatting this is bringing a clothes airer. This can save you a lot of money if you have the time to wait for your cloths to dry.                                        

Extra storage

Your accommodation will already provide plenty of storage space. Actively make the most of this by using folders for your academic work. Organise your stationery and toiletries using containers. A tidy room is one less stress to deal with!

What you DO NOT need to pack:

Multiple mugs

As cute as your mug collection is - you don’t need it! One is enough. Odds are you’ll purchase more throughout the academic year. Save cupboard space by only bringing your favourite mug.

“I took a million mugs and glasses, completely unnecessary”- Sophie Walker, Newcastle.

Packs of kitchenware/crockery

You and your flat mates don’t need a pack of these each. Divide the responsibility and you won’t need eight wooden spoons between you.

Lots of stationery

It’s tempting to buy lots of stationery. However, you will likely be given it at the start of freshers. Wait until term begins to buy what you don’t have. This also gives you the chance to work out how you best record your notes. Also, make sure you attend the freshers fair to get some of your stationery for free.

What else?

Always check with your accommodation what they provide as part of your contract. This saves a dash to the shops upon your arrival when you realise you’re missing something.

You decide what you need to bring - it’s your room after all! These are just some tips to make the process of packing easier and much less daunting. Still looking for a room? Check out our student accommodation.