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7 Exam Preparation Secrets to Studying Success

Mastering the art of studying is something that can take years of practice. There are very few of us who relish the thought of knuckling down to a couple of hours of serious grafting but it has to be done, and there are ways to ease the process while absorbing as much useful information as possible.

Regardless of whether you are waxing lyrical in the form of an essay detailing the short and brilliantly fascinating lifespan of a Mayfly or committing various chemical formulas to memory, you must ensure that you’re giving your brain the helping hand it needs to perform at its very best.

For some of us the ideal study environment is a peaceful corner of the library with no distractions besides the odd nip to the loo or trip to the cafe, while others thrive in a bustling, highly stimulated setting. Whatever type of learner you are or your personal studying preferences may be, there are some hard and fast go-to tips that will help you stay at the top of your game for the duration of your exams. Take a look at our simple yet exceedingly insightful tips in our latest infographic.

So now you know the secrets to study success. While many of the tips seem easy-peasy in theory, actually putting things such as ‘avoiding distractions’ into practice can take a little willpower.

However, the onslaught of exams means that the end of this rather bleak period is also insight and you will soon be free from essays and exams, for at least a short while, once more.

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