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Still unsure which uni city to choose? Let's forget academic reputation for one minute. Instead, here are seven of the best UK cities based on… 

1. …the cheapest pint:

Newcastle £2.50

Nottingham £3

Liverpool £3.50 

…Most expensive: London £4.50

2. ...average pubs per square mile (outside London):

Portsmouth 12 

Liverpool 11


…Least? Leicester 6

3. …largest student population (after London):

Liverpool 70,000 

Nottingham 45,000

Manchester 40,000

Smallest? Norwich 4,100

4. … popularity with current students:

1st Bournemouth

2nd Nottingham

3rd London 

Last place? Coventry

5. …best chance of finding true love:




Worse? Swindon.

6. … highest graduate starting salary:

London 30k

Edinburgh £27k

Bristol £26k

Lowest? Sunderland £19k

7. …student safety:




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