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In fact they’re the opposite. We’re about to prove it and everything

It’s coming to the time of year when you and a partner get to celebrate. And you might as well celebrate it with gusto. Thing is, how do you go about this when the fanciest restaurants and wine might break a student’s budget?

Fear not. There’s plenty of gooey lovey dovey romantic stuff for you to get up to if you just get a little bit creative. Let’s show you lovebirds how.

The 5 Best Student Dates

  1. Have a video game and movie night with your date in your halls of residence. For example a game of Super Mario Bros on Wii, then finish off with a romcom or bromance of your choice.
  2. Set up a picnic in the living room. Complete with your best plates, linens, cutlery, a nice blanket and music for the mood.
  3. Send your partner on a treasure hunt, with an incredible gift at the end. Include a bunch of stops along the way so your partner can discover notes that say something that you love about him or her.
  4. Google Maps roulette. Type your name, your partner’s name and the city you live in Google Maps. Whatever comes up as result number one is a date spot. Sometimes you get a street, sometimes it’s a business. “David Lucy Manchester” brings up for us the Contact Theatre – perfect.
  5. Do something crafty. If you want to give a gift that’s really dripping with meaning, make something yourself. Have a look at pinterest for some crafty ideas. And remember, you know your partner best.

Happy Valentine’s

If you go with one the above ideas, you’re sure to have a memorable day. Of course no matter what you do, the only thing you really need on Valentine’s is each other’s company (and it’s probably the only time of year we can get away with writing sentiments like that too).

As for us? We’ll probably be crooning over our accommodation. We have properties across the country, from halls in London, to Birmingham and Edinburgh. And, we don’t say this enough, but they all look really pretty to us today.

If you have any questions about our accommodation please get in touch. And have a beautiful day!