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2021 Survival Guide to Clearing

For one reason or another, maybe you didn’t get the grades you wanted and UCAS Track isn’t looking too promising. Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of your university dreams, far from it. You simply need to take advantage of clearing. This is a useful backup plan that many people use every year to achieve their dream place at university. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

What is clearing?

Clearing is the UCAS safety net for any student that doesn’t have an offer from their firm or insurance choice university. It’s the system set up to match people who didn’t get the grades they expected with university places that are yet to be filled. Many universities will have available places across all kinds of courses and going through clearing means there’s a good chance you’ll find the right one for you. 

A simple process

The process of clearing is like a sped-up version of when you initially applied for your top five university choices. This year, clearing lists will be made public on the 5th of July. These can be found on the UCAS search website, showing all the available spaces that universities have. Take a careful look as these are the options available to you now you’ve moved on from your firm and insurance choice universities.

Practically every university and course will have vacancies and now it’s your job to go through and see which ones stand out to you. As soon as you’ve chosen a destination and a course that matches your final grade, make a phone call to check if they will accept you. Don’t worry, this isn’t an intensive interview, it’s usually just a brief conversation. So, make sure to be clear and concise about why you want to study that particular course. And keep in mind that there’s no limit on the number of universities you can apply for in clearing, so don’t be disheartened if your first call doesn’t go as planned.

A new route to success

Missing out on your first or second choice can be tough to take, but clearing has been the first step to success for many. A quick look at the forums over at The Student Room shows countless success stories and positive comments such as “It led me to the best year of my life” and “Clearing is beyond helpful for everybody in any situation! It’s a life saver and so easy.” Find more here, or look for first-hand accounts on YouTube.

Though it may not be how you pictured it, clearing is an extra chance to go to a great university and there’s the strong possibility that taking a different choice of degree or university could be the best decision you ever make. 

Right now, with results day on the horizon, the best step is to prepare for all eventualities. If you do have to go through clearing, make sure you’re fully prepared and all set to tackle it properly. Clearing is a great chance to make it onto your ideal course, no matter what happens with your grades.

As soon as clearing helps you find a university course, make sure to check out The Student Housing Company to find the perfect place to call home in your new city.