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10 Ways to Get to Know Your New Flatmates

So you’ve packed your life into boxes and are finally moving in to your brand new university home. We hope you’re prepared to meet a number of *cough* interesting characters while you’re at it. Your first week of university is likely to be a rollercoaster and we guarantee you’re going to meet a whole mixture of new people from all walks of life. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with them and some may well become friends for life, so it’s important to try to get off to a positive start. Here are our ten tips on ways you can get to know your new flatmates, whoever they turn out to be.

  1. Offer them a brew
    There’s no better way to a stranger’s heart than through a cuppa and a chat. Whenever you next go to stick the kettle on, offer to do the rounds.
  2. Go on your first food shop together
    You’ll find out all sorts about your flatmates by doing a food shop together. Bond over your favourite biscuits, learn who’s likely to be down for a binge and who you can ask for recipe tips!
  3. Instigate a night out
    There’s arguably no better way to break the ice than by heading out together. You’ll get to see a different side to your flatmates and make those important lasting memories that will stick with you forever.
  4. Check out their bedroom
    Your bedroom is an extension of yourself, so an obvious one for getting to know your new flatmates is to take a peek around their room. You’ll find out what they’re in to in no time and figure out if you have some common interests.
  5. Decorate the flat
    Head to IKEA or The Range and grab some bits to liven up the flat.
  6. Cook a flat meal
    Get everyone together and bond over a flat meal. Bonus points if you cook, but if not you can pick up a few three course meal and wine for two from M&S for £10!
  7.  Explore the local area
    Head out and find some new hidden gems together. It’s likely that you’re all living in a brand new city, so head out and discover it together!
  8. Play some games
    From classics like Monopoly and Cluedo, to risqué Cards Against Humanity and Ring of Fire, playing games are a great way to get to see another side of your flatmates, for better or for worse.
  9. Offer a helping hand
    Help each other out with the little things. Going to the shop? Ask them if they want anything picking up. Don’t be petty with the dishes – if you’re washing up and they’ve left something on the side, do them a favour and wash it up too. By setting this kind of tone in the house from the start, you can hope that your flatmates will return similar favours down the line.
  10. Make a bucket list
    You’re potentially only in this city for three years, so get a decent bucket list together and stick to it. You’ll find out what your flatmates enjoy and what their passions are as well as learning from each other about what the city has to offer.

If you’re living with us this year and want to get to know your flatmates or other people in your building, don’t forget to join your residence group on Facebook!