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10 Tips To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Saying words like bae less? Saying no to Ben & Jerry? Whatever it is, this guide will help you through

Keeping resolutions is a difficult game. But it is one plenty of students do succeed at, and you can too with these crafty tips. You just have to find the ones that work for you. Let’s show you how.

Tips for Students

10. Figure out what stuff is getting in your way

Spending too much time in Game of Thrones back-to-back boxset marathons in your student accommodation? Well if that sounds familiar you might be losing the time needed to achieve your goals. Set an explicit limit on the amount of time you use for entertainment, and this will free up space for your plans.

9. Plan each stage

If you have lots of resolutions, planning can help you manage them. Think about where you would like to be in a month, two months, three months…

8. Face the fear of change

No matter how small, all changes can be difficult. But just ignoring the whole thing won’t stop anything. It’s important to face those fears, as this will help your confidence grow.

7. Mentor

Enlist someone as a mentor. If you talk to a friend, family member, or fellow student they should give you reassurance when you need it. Plus the fact you have told your resolution to someone could mean you are much more likely to try and keep it –  nobody likes to fail at things they have made public!

6. Start and don’t stop

Once you start on your resolutions don’t stop. This is known colloquially as “falling off the horse” and once you do, you can bet your boots it’s mighty hard to get back on. Don’t allow yourself to say “Oh it’s just this once.” Stick to your guns.

5. Find a way to focus on the process rather than the overall goal

Focusing on the whole enormous massive task is a sure way to frighten yourself. Instead, break it down into tasks which are easier and less daunting. Let’s say you want to go to the gym more. Focus on the time per week rather than the weight you want to reach, and then it’s much more manageable.

4. Use apps

There are loads of apps on almost every platform and these can help you manage your resolutions. Just search the app store and you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

3. Accept that your enthusiasm will wane

Let’s face it. Eventually Ben and Jerry are going to knock, they’ll have tubs and tubs of the stuff, and it’s going to be difficult to stay inside. But you must. Don’t let your own psychology beat you. As long as you’re aware that, yes enthusiasm will err towards indulgence, then you have a better shot at the targets for your goals.

2. Reward yourself when things go well

A classic lesson in motivation. Rewarding yourself for things that go well is a well-known way of keeping your inner fires burning, so give yourself something special whenever you do well. Go on. You deserve it.

1. Be nice when you falter

We already said that it’s important to keep going. Well that’s still true. But if you do have a moment of weakness, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just dust yourself off, take a breather and get back on with your goals as soon as you’re ready.

A Challenge to Students

As a challenge, we bet we can guess something you didn’t resolve to do this year. We bet that you didn’t resolve to live in better accommodation. (Hey, we didn’t say it was going to be a difficult challenge).

Now it’s a shame you didn’t think about this, because it’s an easy resolution to see through. In 2014, we were awarded best private accommodation in the National Student Housing Survey Awards. That’s got to be because of the students across the country who live in our accommodation. They voted for us. They won for us.

If you’d like to find out more about what we did to get those votes, just have a look at our UK-wide student accommodation and get in touch with us soon.