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10 Reasons to Study in Plymouth

Plymouth is the small but perfectly formed city with a large amount to offer students. Want to feel safe? Plymouth was recently voted the second-safest place to live in Britain. Want to get a good education? The University of Plymouth is ranked amongst the top 2% in the world. Want to make your student finance payments stretch further? Plymouth’s street food market can offer superb sustenance on a shoe-string. And if that’s not enough to convince you, then here’s some more great reasons to study in Plymouth.

     1. It’s a Safe Place to Live

We’ve already said this one, but let us elaborate. Moving to a new city can be scary, yet Plymouth is one of the warmest and friendliest of the lot. Especially now all the pirates have vanished into history. We’ve already mentioned that the city regularly gets voted one of the safest places to live in Britain in national surveys. It’s also considered the safest big city in South West England. It’s pretty safe, is the general vibe Plymouth gives off.

     2. It’s Also a Safe Place to Party

For those rare occasions when your heavy study schedule allows for an evening’s relaxation (humour us, your parents may be reading this), Plymouth’s nightlife is there to greet you with open arms. The campus is surrounded by bars and clubs with plenty of events (and deals) on every night of the week. Our accommodation is right in the center of these, by the way. And you’re also within walking distance of areas such as Sutton Harbour, which have plenty of club and pub action to offer.

     3. A budget-friendly city

Plymouth knows how to keep the 21,000 students who live and study in her salty sea air happy and solvent. When it comes to eating, for instance, there are plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from, such as cheap meals at the Student Union. You’ll also find many places in the city happy to knock a few quid off the bill when you offer up your various discount cards.

     4. Drake Circus

But forget your budget for a minute, because you’ll be living a stone’s skim away from Drake Circus, which has all the shops, restaurants, and cafes you could want. Great for retail therapy when stress is high, or window shopping when funds are low. And it’s an excellent source of flexible jobs that will fit in around your study schedule or support you through the summer. It’s also the perfect excuse your mum is looking for to visit you more often.

     5. Study by the sea

Are you drawn to the ocean? Well, Plymouth is about as close as you can get to it whilst staying dry, safe, and near a McDonald’s. The smell of salt is always in the air, and the sound of the waves is never far away. It’s an atmospheric background to your studies. In fact, if you close your eyes at night, you can almost picture Sir Francis Drake giving you the thumbs up from the deck of the Golden Hind.

     6. A cosy campus

Woken up late because you’ve been, erm, studying all night? No problem, because at Beckley Point you’re around the corner from the campus. Which means you’ll never be far from any of your lectures, seminars, or tutorials. Even your lazy mate wouldn’t bother getting a bus. And you don’t have to travel to different parts of the city for your various lectures either, as the campus is all based on one site.

     7. Devon and Cornwall on your doorstep

Well, not exactly on your doorstep, but if you woke up at 10am fancying a trip into the Cornish countryside, you could jump in the car and be there by lunchtime. Having Britain’s least typically-British-weather-y holiday county on your doorstep is no small advantage, particularly in the summer when lectures drop off and adventures get planned.

     8. The Barbican

This is the historic area of Plymouth, and it’s a real must-see. With over a hundred listed buildings, and enough cobbled streets to give you a limp, it’s got something for everyone. The perfect place to take visiting family and experience the real ‘being in a postcard of Plymouth’ historic beauty of the city.

     9. Water activities

Did we mention the sea is right next to Plymouth? You’re welcome to go there and get wet with one of the many watersports clubs at the Uni. Have you ever tried scuba diving? Underwater photography? Windsurfing? It’s a great way to see the city and the surrounding coastline.

    10. Food scene

Seafood? Check. The best fish and chips you’ll ever eat are actually five minutes from your accommodation. We mention the seafood options upfront because that’s what people expect to hear about, but there’s something for every taste. Supah’s Street Food Emporium is renowned for choice, taste, and value. And there are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants – such as Toot – that can offer amazing vegetarian and vegan options.

Stay in Plymouth with Yugo Students

Want to study in a warm, friendly, and fun city that mixes sea air and safety on a close-knit and welcoming campus? Finding the right uni city for your needs can be a tough choice, but Plymouth aces all the factors that we think are important. So discover why Beckley Point is the best place for you to stay whilst you’re studying in the city, and you may find yourself drawn in by the sense of history, the standard of learning, and the quality of nightlife that Plymouth has to offer.