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A day at the Residencia de Estudiantes Emilia Pardo Bazán

You have the marks to be able to study in Madrid! It has cost you, it has been a hard Baccalaureate, but you are here, about to begin the first year of university in Madrid.

Now you have to make another important decision: Where to live? You have seen pictures of the residence, you have read reviews, seen prices, visited the residence and compared it with other student residences in Madrid.... for now, you like the Residencia de Estudiantes Emilia Pardo Bazán. You like its location next to the main universities of Madrid, the modernity of its new and modern facilities and the wide range of rooms they have: 7 types of rooms from which you can choose: double, single, premium or adapted for people with reduced mobility. But we understand that you need more reasons. Here is a couple of them:

Book in our residence and save 200€

 At Nexo Residencias we want to make it even easier for you in your first year of uni. If you book before September 15, 2021, in our Student Residence in Madrid Emilia Pardo Bazán, you will save 200€. That's how simple our Cashback promotion is with which we want to welcome new members of the Nexo family.

 Let us explain more about how this promotion works:

It is only applicable to new bookings for the academic year 2021/2022.

The accommodation contract must be for a minimum of 9 months.

The 200€ are not redeemable in cash but will be subtracted from the last monthly payment of your 9-month contract.

Your daily routine in our Residence

 Would you like to know what the daily routine is like in our residence? Let’s go! We will show you everything we have to offer.

Let's eat!

Food is sacred. A varied, tasty and nutritious buffet awaits you. Salads for the most veggies, first, second, homemade stews, vegetables and fruits; at breakfast, more of the same: dairy products, coffee, toast, cereals, etc ... everything to start the day in style.

Oh, and in your own room, you can always have some snacks for those silly moments in the evening. We assure you that your kitchenette will keep you out of trouble more than once and satisfy your most voracious nighttime hunger.

Time to relax

Do you like ping pong? The Madrid sun? A coffee on our terrace? Or do you prefer a good book or a chat with your roommate? Whatever your relaxation options are, we have them at the Emilia Pardo Bazán Student Residence. And a TV room...and a game room...and a TV for Netflix...any more? One of the goals of our residence is that you have fun and feel at home. You just enjoy yourself and we will do the rest.

Get in shape

We have a gym for you, with machines, cardio, cycling, weight training, sports track etc. ... everything you need to get in shape. Clear your mind while you run.


Providing you with the time, space and all the tools you need to study is our priority. Take advantage of our 2 study rooms to study on your own or, if you prefer, we have another one for group work. And if you like to study in absolute silence and solitude, just go up to your room and that's it! You will find a desk, chair, drawers, light and wifi in all rooms and in the whole residence.

Maintenance and cleaning

When you book a room in your Student Residence in Madrid Emilia Pardo Bazán you will have everything included. Yes, you read that right. In your day to day life, you will not have to clean, cook or be aware of the bills. In our Emilia Pardo Bazán Student Residence in Madrid, you have everything included. Weekly cleaning of the room, with weekly change of towels and sheets, maintenance service, 24-hour security, courier and mail.

 Leisure and culture at the Emilia Pardo Bazán Residence Hall

And as a reward for having come this far, we would like to tell you that in our residence in Madrid we like culture, languages, sports, NGOs and social activities.

And that we take care of the planet and our environment.

Ah! And that we would love for you to get started and we would help you to do it with a workroom where you can breathe creativity, business and enthusiasm for new projects.

And we love to plan and organize activities and groups with our colleagues in the residence. Get-togethers, workshops, language exchanges, talks by experts, volunteering, etc...

We are sure that we have left some things out of the list of what a day in our residence is like. The best way is to call us and come and meet us, we love to receive visitors!

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