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Making Friends

Finding friends is a big part of your student adventure – you’re a bit like Robinson Crusoe, or Jack Kerouac, or even Gertrude Bell, who all famously went on their travels (intentionally or not) meeting many new people along the way.

Well, no matter if you’re social dynamite or Napoleon Dynamite, these amiable tips will help you to make tons of friends during your time at university.

Friend Tips

1. Hanging out at your halls

Make sure you hang out in the communal areas of your student accommodation, as it’s probably the easiest way for you to make a bunch of new friends.

Think about things to do in and around the place you’re living. Say your communal area has a space where you can prepare delicious robust and healthy food (such as every meal you should be eating) then you can take advantage of this space to host a whole evening of mighty lovely food for you and your soon-to-be chums.

2. Socially awesome at societies

If you want to meet a specific bunch people, you can find friends with the same interests by attending the relevant societies. We’re looking here at the kind of students who have a specific activity close to their heart: sporty football types, geeky D&D types, crafty arty types, and so on.

Going to a society meetup forces you to explore a new environment but gives you a comfortable talking point which will allow you to break thorough the ice. They’re a great way to meet likeminded people!

3. Be brave at a rave (or a night of light refreshment)

When you and a few pals go on your adventures into the night, have a conversation with someone new.

With even only a few friends supporting you, there’s nothing to worry about when you approach another person in a decent club or bar, or any other social event for that matter. And if you’re into the music or theme of the place then you have a conversation starter right away.

If you’re struggling to think of an opener, think of something simple. Maybe a basic observation about the place you’re in. If it doesn’t work out, maybe you can adjust your method for next time. Or who knows, maybe you’ll hit it off and make a brand new friend!

4. Rinse and repeat

Just like anything else, making friends gets easier with repetition. So practice, practice, practice!

With this in mind perhaps you should read all the other three tips again, just so you remember them.

Best Friend, Best Accommodation

Okay, so you didn’t read all of the other tips again, but we hope you’ll find the advice useful.

Your friends are going to be a great part of your time at university. Both the ones you have now, and the ones you’ll make later. If you’ve already made some great friends in any of our private student accommodation, you can tell us how great they are or ask us any other questions any time.

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