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A day at Garbí Student Residence

Downtown Barcelona, Sants neighbourhood, train station, South Campus of the University of Barcelona, .... our Garbí Student Residence is there, in the heart of what matters.

You still remember when you arrived in Barcelona in your first year of medicine..... it seems like yesterday but a year has passed and you are certainly not the same. It wasn't easy to convince your parents that you wanted to go to Barcelona, but they bought the idea of a student residence right away. It only took one afternoon of looking at residences for you to realize that the Garbí Student Residence in Barcelona was the best option for your first year of studying at university: experience, security, companionship, modernity and youth. In addition, you have everything included: electricity, water and gas, full board 7 days a week, weekly cleaning of the room and weekly collection of sheets and towels, Wifi throughout the residence and in your room, 24-hour concierge service, maintenance and parcel service and mail. You don't have to worry about anything, your mission is to study, have fun .... and periodically go to the laundry to have, at least, a clean t-shirt always.

Your daily life in the residence can be summarized in three aspects: study, get to know Barcelona better and better and expand your group of friends and acquaintances even more.

The time of slacking ends with the sound of your roommate's shower, you exchange what for you is the common 'Good morning', take a shower, get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast. You are more of a quickie: fruit, coffee and some cookies; he, however, makes very good use of the residence’s breakfast buffet: coffee, fruit juice, toast and some yoghurt. You say goodbye in the bike parking lot, "I hope the exam goes well for him", you think.

The morning goes by between classes, practices, lab and organizing the next weekend getaway to Cadaqués, you've heard great things about this area.

You get back in time to eat at the residence, today is Thursday and you can not miss the paella, you accompany it with some salad, sausage and finish with dessert chatting with the girls in the room across the hall. You go up to your room, you want to send some mail from the uni and sign up for Italian classes; you rest, have a coffee that you make yourself in the kitchenette of your room and go down to the study room.

In the study room, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, there are the usual people: notes and laptops of Agronomists, Law, Teaching and English Philology. After two hours of giving it all, it's time for a little leisure, you meet with some colleagues from Medicine who are planning volunteer work, this room is great because it is a space to create, undertake and give life to projects and ideas.

Then a little gym, today not much, treadmill while watching the latest episode of your favourite series on Netflix, put a load in the washing machine, stop by the game room to see who is around and go up to your room. Actually, your favourite time of day arrives: a shower, some music, and your bed in your room. You talk to your parents, get a couple of tickets for a festival and if you don't hurry you won't have time to make it to dinner. The crowd is killing it! Luckily the buffet is amazing and no matter what time you get there, there's food.

A soup, some chicken and a fruit salad, the fact that they take into account your celiac disease is a high point and you are super happy (and your parents, even more!). You go to the movie theatre to see if something interesting is playing, you find out that a birthday party is being organized and you go up to your room and say good night to everyone!

If you also want to have this day in our residence, read on!

Book in our residence in Barcelona and save 200€.

Pay attention to what we are going to tell you: if you book before September 15 2021, in our student residence in Barcelona Garbí, you will get 200€ as a gift. We tell you more about our Cashback promotion:

This promotion is valid only for new bookings, not for renewals.

The accommodation contract must be for a minimum of 9 months; except in our Student Residence in Oviedo where the minimum contract is 7 months.

The 200€ are not exchanged in cash, but we will deduct it from the last monthly payment of your 9-month contract.

Do not miss the opportunity of this promotion. Come and get to know our residence and let us accompany you at the beginning of your university studies, you won't regret it!

Oh, by the way, your roommate did very well in his exam. You are celebrating with some beers in the port of Barcelona ;)

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