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10 Things Within a 10 Minute Walk from University Square & Infinity Place...

When it comes to location, University Square and Infinity Place really have it all. Our first two Melbourne properties are within walking distance from two of Australia’s leading universities and are surrounded by restaurants, shops, markets, leafy parks and popular student hang out spots.

To help you get a better idea of the area, we’ve listed 10 notable destinations that are less than a 10-minute walk from both University Square and Infinity Place.

1. Melbourne Business School and Melbourne Law School

Melbourne Business School and Melbourne Law School students couldn’t have it easier as both Melbourne University faculties are just across the road from University Square and Infinity Place. Just roll out of bed and cross the road; you’ll never be late to class again!

2. University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus

The centre of the University of Melbourne’s campus is located only a short walk away. A two-minute stroll across the University Square park will land you in the heart of the Parkville campus where South Lawn, the Baillieu Library and Union House are located. No matter what you study, getting to class couldn’t be more convenient.

The campus also has more to it than just lecture halls and libraries. The Ian Potter Museum of Art, the System Garden, South Lawn and the Melbourne School of Design are some of our favourite spots to hang out on campus.

3. RMIT Design Hub

The RMIT Design Hub is part of the university’s Melbourne City campus and it is the home of RMIT’s School of Architecture and Design. Even if you aren’t an RMIT student, we highly recommend checking this building out as art exhibitions and installations are on display all year round.

The Design Hub is located on the northern edge of the RMIT city campus. The rest of RMIT’s buildings are located between the Design Hub and Melbourne Central, so they are only just over ten minutes’ walk from our buildings.

4. Queen Victoria Market

Shopping through the rows of Queen Victoria Market is an experience for the senses! This buzzing marketplace is the biggest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere and it is just down Elizabeth Street from our building. It’s filled with fresh produce, meats, seafood and merchandise, making it a one-stop-shop for The Student Housing Company students.

The market also hosts a Night Market on Wednesdays in both summer and winter, which is one of our favourite things to do in Melbourne, no matter what season it is.

5. Aldi

If the market isn’t open and you’re in need of some groceries, Aldi on Franklin Street is only a convenient 10-minute walk away. Aldi is known for having a wide range of products at low prices – making it a great supermarket option for budget-conscious students!

6. Lygon Street

Traditionally, Lygon Street has been Melbourne’s iconic Italian district, however nowadays it is home to cuisines from all over the world. Stroll down Lygon Street and you’ll find al-fresco cafes, authentic pizzerias, boutiques, a cinema and vintage stores.

Whilst on Lygon Street check out Heartattack and Vine or Pidapipo, two joints which are some of our favourite cheap eat options around Melbourne University.

7. Seven Seeds Coffee Shop

As a highly regarded institution on the Melbourne café scene and our go to coffee joint every morning, Seven Seeds is a pretty great neighbour to have. Mornings won’t be so bad for our students when you can roll out of bed and stroll down the street to get some of Melbourne’s best coffee before your lectures.

This joint also serves up breakfast and lunch dishes, which are all definitely Instagram-worthy, so your Sunday brunch plans are sorted too!

8. Queensberry Hotel

Looking for a somewhere to grab a low-key drink after class? This is your place. The Queensberry is a local pub with a relaxed beer garden and it has established itself as a popular student hang out for many years. They run food specials and events each day of the week, including Trivia Night on Wednesday and Parma Day on Thursday, not to mention they have a daily happy hour too!

9. Plenty of cheap food options

At University Square and Infinity Place, we’re surrounded by cheap food options, so we really couldn’t choose just one for this list. Whether you need a quick lunch, a filling meal, or a sweet treat, you’ll be spoilt for choice living at either of our Properties with an infinite number of eateries nearby.

Head to our article on cheap eats under $10 around Melbourne University to find a full list of our top picks.

10. Outdoor parks and gardens

What’s special about Carlton, is that it’s so close to the city, yet it also has plenty of green, outdoor spaces to relax and get away from the intensity of the CBD. These spaces are great for studying, hanging out with friends or playing sports.

Across the road from our building is the University Square park, which is lined with old trees and filled with students enjoying the sun between classes. Lincoln Square (5-minute walk) and Argyle Square (9-minute walk) are two more gardens that we recommend if you want to explore more of Carlton.

The best way to get to know the area is to come visit University Square and see it for yourself! Our Display Suite is now open, and you can come say hi to our Melbourne team on weekdays from 10am-4pm. If you would like to a book a time in advance, you can arrange a booking online.

If you have any more questions about University Square, Infinity Place or student accommodation, send us a message at

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