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Yugo launches to over 35,000 students worldwide

New global brand redefines the college living experience for students globally

The student-led approach will focus on three core pillars that resonate most with students

UN- recognized carbon literacy program is the first of many initiatives students will benefit from

01, 12, 2022 Yugo has officially launched to more than 35,000 students around the world, nearly half of which are based in the US. The new brand is the first global student housing operator created to enhance students’ experiences throughout and beyond college life and to directly address student demands for sustainable, educational, and personal growth.

Yugo will offer a truly differentiated living experience and currently accommodates students in over 100 living spaces spanning 69 cities worldwide with 36 spaces based across 21 states in the US.

Yugo students will be empowered to grow personally through collaborative events and projects under the Live Your Best Life program - a holistic living experience developed from Yugo research of thousands of students worldwide. This program supports students through three pillars based on sustainability – YugoEco; education – YuPro; and personal development - YuGrow, to deliver on their needs and expectations. 

As part of the YugoEco pillar, Yugo has launched a carbon literacy program to its students and workforce with an aim to become a carbon literate organization that is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. This will raise awareness of climate change and the impacts of everyday actions – a globally unique initiative. The online training initiative will tap into an area which students feel is neglected according to Yugo’s research and build a better future for the planet, with carbon savings of 5-15% per person.

The Yugo Movement is also underway within the YuPro pillar. This sustainability focused student council will give students one mission - to eliminate single use plastic in Yugo spaces while gaining vital work experiences.  

Yugo launched at a time where students will highly benefit from its key initiatives according to Yugo’s latest research which included several studies across nine countries and 10,000 students. The research revealed the scale of student anxiety, as well as the extent to which students want to change the world for the better.

"US students’ college experience has been enormously disrupted by COVID-19. They deserve more, and it’s our mission to provide the support they need,” said Aly El-Bassuni, Global Chief Executive Officer at Yugo.

“Yugo was born out of the need for a new and forward-thinking student accommodation provider that understands the needs of students. Our research findings are so powerful because they give all of us better insight into what is motivating this generation of students.”

Mental health is a pressing concern for US students, with Yugo’s findings showing that 66% of all US college students (13 million) indicate COVID-19 has had a long-term impact on their state of mind. In addition, one in two US college students say reliance on digital interactions during the pandemic has made their mental or emotional wellbeing worse.

Students also want action, not promises, when it comes to the climate and sustainability, with Yugo’s research revealing that almost one in three students in the USA no longer use plastic. The study also showed that three out of four are even willing to have fewer children if it helps the environment.

Christopher Holloway, Business Development Director at Yugo, added: “Sustainability is an essential and integral part of Yugo’s responsibility.  Over the next year and beyond, we’ll strive to implement meaningful initiatives that aim to improve our sustainability credentials, while also educating the generations of the future on how they can play their part in protecting the environment. We’ll foster a sustainable future through engagement and training as well as co-creating with our Yugoers, students and our entire supply chain.”

Abby Bentley, Global Brand and Marketing Director at Yugo, concluded: “From the initial research stages to rolling out the offering across nine countries worldwide, Yugo has been formed by utilizing a deep understanding of the sector and over 30 years of global student housing experience.”

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