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Living in student accommodation is a great part of your university experience, and one of the first fun activities you get to undertake once you arrive is customising your own room. Whether you choose to go for a cosy, romantic vibe with twinkly lights and fluffy blankets, or prefer a more modern mood with bright block colours and smooth lines – ensuring your own space feels personal is what truly makes your accommodation feel like home.

One thing we do recommend whilst you are personalising your student digs is investing in a houseplant. 21% of Gen Z individuals class themselves as ‘plant parents1’ , the largest percentage in this study of age groups. This is believed to stem from the desire to care for a living thing – nurturing something other than ourselves. Deep. Alongside this, it turns out there are also huge health and wellness benefits to keeping these little green friends in your accommodation, including reducing stress, improving air quality, and even helping you sleep.

So, now we’ve got you interested - how do you know which type of plant to choose? Luckily, Yugo, the global student housing brand and operator, is here to reveal all.


If you are forgetful, super busy, and prone to killing any living greenery you buy for yourself within two weeks of purchase – we have the solution for you. Introducing…the cactus. Forget the days of setting endless alarms to water your beloved greens - the tough and hardwearing cactus only needs to be watered on occasion. Simply stack a collection on the windowsill, drench them from time to time, and leave them to it. The ultimate lazy person plant.

Aloe Vera

Skincare afficionados assemble! We all know the great benefits that aloe vera can bring to our daily routines, but did you know it can also thrive in your room? Aloe vera is generally easy to care for, with a little maintenance and routine watering being enough to keep the plant happy and healthy – so you don’t need to schedule in your plant therapy.

If you struggle to get a full night’s sleep, aloe vera also produce oxygen at night time2, meaning you will breathe easier and snooze better. What’s not to love?

Peace Lily

If you tend to prefer flora over fauna, why not consider adding a peace lily to your shelf space? Peace lilies are another super low maintenance plant, but this one comes with a chic white flower – making it a great choice to complement stylish student set ups. They can grow surprisingly tall and have beautiful green leaves, meaning they are a great investment if you love to watch the progress of your plant. Peace lilies also help to absorb indoor air pollutants, so you can rest assured you will be breathing easy. Style and substance.


If you are looking to take your plant parenting to the next level, look no further than the monstera. Relying on a little more regular maintenance than the aforementioned plants, a monstera brings an effortless tropical vibe to your space with its distinctive leaves and deep green colour. Choose a bright coloured pot for this leafy housemate and you’ll be set for the year!

Money Plant

Everyone can always use a little extra cash, and the money plant is said to bring luck to growers. Excuse us while we grab all the plants available…

Money plants (also known as jade plants) have thick green glossy leaves and can live for years. So, take good care of your money plant to have a fauna-friend for years to come, and maybe you’ll be granted a bit of the financial luck they’re said to bring too.

Ready to start on your journey to plant parenthood? Choose the right greenery for your space and you won’t ‘be-leaf’ the benefits you can get from tending your own personal garden – all from the comfort of your student accommodation.



To find out more about Yugo and its accommodations in the UK and Worldwide, please visit here.