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What You Need to Know about Freshers' Week

The moment you’ve been waiting for has very nearly arrived. You’ve started to say goodbye to your mates, your bags are almost packed, and your mum is beginning to look more nervous than you are.

But rest assured, because students up and down the country are going through this exact same experience, feeling a combination of excitement, optimism and slight apprehension about whether or not they’ll fit in on their campus. Freshers’ Week gives you the opportunity to overcome any uneasiness that you do feel, as you have the chance to settle into your accommodation and get a taste of what student life is like before you start your studies.

Take a look at our latest infographic below to find out what you can expect, and how you can make the most of your first few days at university.

We hope our tips and tricks on everything from room essentials to student stereotypes help to ease you into life at university. Our handy budgeting tips can also help you to have the maximum amount of fun, without having to spend your first semester eating beans on toast every night.

The Student Housing Company provides all of its resident students with a comfortable, stimulating and happy setting throughout their time at university. If you’re yet to find accommodation in your chosen city, check our availability for September 2015, or contact us for more information.