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What to do with Your Student Discount in Dublin

Student life can place a bit of a strain on your finances. You have to buy essentials such as food, toiletries and cleaning products, and you need money to go out and socialise with your college mates. The general understanding is that students have to budget, and part of this is sacrificing the non-essential things so that you can afford the important stuff.

If you’re going to college in Dublin and you’re unsure how you’re supposed to buy the essentials and go to one of the student events that take place every night of the week – that’s right, there genuinely is something going on every night of the week – then you’re in the right place.

As a student, you are the proud owner of a little piece of plastic that tells bars, restaurants, and retail giants that your finances are a little bit tight while you’re studying, and more often than not, they will sort you out with a bit of discount on the things that you love.


There are plenty of shopping centres in Dublin, from the popular Stephen’s Green to the ever-trendy Jervis, so there are retail options out there to suit you no matter what your tastes are. Whether it’s a big brand name or an independent store, most shops in Dublin will offer some sort of discount for students.


Food and drink is one of the biggest expenses in the student budget, and knowing where the best deals are will help you to cut down your spending, without having to cut down on the food that you love.


Ireland is a relatively small country, meaning you’ll never be too far away from amazing scenery and the chilled-out atmosphere of the Irish countryside. Getting from A to B is simple enough, and it’s even easier when you’ve got student discount on your side.


If you consider yourself to be a bit of a film buff, you’ll probably be familiar with the Irish Film Institute. Showing a varied range of films, you can expect to watch everything from classic movies to recent blockbusters, and as a student you can benefit from €5 tickets on Mondays before 7:30 pm – there’s your next date night sorted.


You might be looking for a good student travel deal, or you might just want to know how to manage your finances a bit better. Either way, our blog is packed full of advice for students in Ireland. Did we mention that we’ve also got some pretty decent accommodation too? Take a look!