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What is UCAS extra?

Looking to start university this year, but things haven’t gone entirely to plan? This is where UCAS Extra comes in. It’s basically an extra lifeline for getting a university offer and is used in two different scenarios. 

One situation is that you’ve used your five UCAS choices of university, and for whatever reason, you unfortunately haven’t received an offer. Alternatively, you have been made an offer but are no longer sure that it’s the right one for you. Either way, don’t worry, all is not lost. 

UCAS Extra means you now have until the 4th of July to apply for different courses more suited to you and your needs. 

Follow the instructions over at the UCAS site to check if you’re eligible. Don’t worry - it’s not too late!

Before taking advantage of the UCAS Extra opportunity it’s worth taking some time to think about why you’ve changed your mind, or why your original choices might have declined.

Did you really want to do that particular course? Were you swayed by the reputation of a university town you’ve never actually visited? Is there a course that’s more likely to result in a more suitable career for you? Be sure to look over any feedback from the universities and learn from their advice.  

But how does it actually work?

As UCAS Extra only allows you to make one selection at a time - for a 21 day period or until the university accepts or declines - you need to make sure your choice is achievable, as you won’t have other options to fall back on during this time. 

Once you’ve applied, you’ll either receive an offer, which you’ll need to reply to by the given date, or you’ll be unsuccessful - in which case you can apply for a different course, time permitting. 

If you don’t manage to find a university course through UCAS Extra, you’ve still got options. You can still find a place at uni through Clearing, which starts on the 5th of July. 

Applying to uni can be stressful, and during the UCAS extra process, you might feel pressured to pick up any course just to get in. But, sometimes, it’s best to simply give it a year and try again. You can use the time to resit exams, get  experience in your chosen industry, and generally plan your next move. 

We offer summer accommodation in student cities around the UK, so you could even test the water and swing by for a short stay. It could be a great way to discover which city feels like your next home - find out more here. 

And lastly, UCAS Extra won’t be the right option if you’ve managed to achieve better grades than predicted and now want to apply to a different course instead. It is possible to do this, but you’ll need to use a process called UCAS AdjustmentYou can find out more about UCAS Adjustment and how it works here. 

For more useful information and advice about your upcoming student life with Uninest keep up to date with our blog